**Ekiti Concerned Professionals Present to him Expression of Nomination Cheque

Chairman of Southern Senators Forum, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele has expressed confidence that direct or Indirect primary his ambition of becoming Governor Ekiti state in 2022 remains unshaken.

Bamidele who made this known while the Ekiti Concerned Professionals presented the expression of interest Nomination Cheque to him in Abuja led Lekan Ajisafe said he is coming on board with something usual.

He said, “As to my own aspiration in Ekiti, I have no doubt that whether it is direct primary or it is indirect primary you know, I stand a good Chance by the grace of God to win the Primary, I know that I am loved by the people of Ekiti state and I know that my own aspiration goes beyond pasting posters on the walls in Ekiti because I am a poster that is already posted on the minds of the people of Ekiti state.

“And I’m looking forward to a very decent Governorship race, a race that is popular, a race that is decent, a race that is driven by ideas and on issues and a race that is violence free.

“We have in place a governor who is well educated, who is respected by all, who understands the language of democracy and development, who I also know will ensure that there is an atmosphere for everybody to aspire and I believe that Ekiti has become a cynosure of all Eyes in this country and a lot of people are interested in what is about to happen in Ekiti.”

He added that the signing of Electoral Act (Amendment Bil) which contains direct primary is not about the National Assembly or President Muhammadu Bihari, but it is about Nigerians who are yearning for free and fair election.

The Chairman of Senate Committee on Judiciary said, “At the end of the end of the day it is not about the national assembly, it is not about the national assembly, or any individual or institution.

“It is about the people of Nigeria. Our democracy, the survival of same and growth of same.

” It’s about moving Nigeria forward, those who felt strongly about the idea of putting a clause in our proposed electoral bill to guarantee direct primaries as a method of choosing candidates of political parties meant well for the country.

“Some of those who are trying to oppose it, some of them also have logical arguments. Regardless of who posited what, who was opposed to what, the national assembly has passed a Bill in that regard, and the bill is waiting presidential assent, I want to believe that the President also means very well for Nigeria, he will take a decision he believes is in the best interest of Nigerians and he believes is in the best interest of our democracy and whatever decision he decides, he chooses to take, I’m sure he will also back it up with reasons which Nigerians will also look into.”

Speaking earlier, the leader of the group described Senator Opeyemi Bamidele as tested hand who they are confident that he will move the state forward considering his experience in Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Arms of government.

According to him, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele is tested hand and who capable of turning the state for better considering his experience in arms of government.

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