The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has called on Nigerians to make their voices count, and ensure to take actions that matter in the New Year.
In a New Year message to Nigerians, the Interim National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adulmajid Yakubu Daudu, expressed the hope that 2022 will “hopefully, mark the beginning of a new life for Nigerians: from an era of uncontrolled inflation, insecurity, and Covid-19 worries, to one of peace, security, and relative prosperity for the country in 2022.”
According to him, “Our resolve in this new year must be to stand up and be counted as free citizens in a free country who can decide their own destiny. Let’s make our voices count, and ensure that our actions matter in our communities and across the country in our push for a better life. And let’s make 2022 our year of REDEMPTION.
“We salute the resilience of Nigerians, and say to our beloved people: Happy New Year!”

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