***Ask Nigerians to reject the likes of Buhari

Don’t elect politicians like President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming 2023 general elections, Stakeholders from the Northern part of the county, under the aegis of Northern Leaders of Thought in Kaduna, have warned.
The group, issued the warning through Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed of the Northern Elders Forum, during a keynote address at a meeting held at the Arewa House Kaduna on Saturday.

He urged eligible voters in the north to properly get registered to vote out the likes of President Buhari in 2023.

He said the lives of

The lives northerners he said would be in more danger if the likes of Buhari becomes the next Nigerian president, urging electorates not to sell their votes.
While urging Northerners not to make the ”mistake of 2015″, he said “many think voting another set of leaders will add no value to their lives.
“We say turn your anger into an asset by voting in better people into office this time. There are politicians that will continue where the present administration stopped, and, while angry citizens refuse to vote, they will buy votes and get power.”
”So, the most important thing a Northerner will do for himself and the community is to register and vote in 2023. Do not exchange your votes for another four or eight years in a country where your dignity and your life have little value.”

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One thought on “Elders from the North warn Nigerians against 2015 mistake”
  1. This kind of comment divides the country. Why speak for only a part of the country and not the whole? Does the north alone constitute Nigeria? Is the next election not about electing a president for Nigeria? Is it about electing a president for their northern Nigeria? These are the kind of people creating problems for Nigeria because of their regional fixation. Too bad, and they claim to be enlightened and educated.

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