***Results were announced based on concocted and fictitious vote counts.

The senator representing Ekiti Central senatorial district Michael Opeyemi Bamidele has indicated that the public is well aware that there was no primary election on Thursday, 27th January, 2022 in Ekiti State.
A statement he personally signed and made available to the Guardian said no primary election took place on the fateful Thursday but yet, rather disappointedly, results were announced based on concocted and fictitious vote counts.
“However, rather unfortunately, the process of conducting these primaries was hijacked, truncated, compromised and bastardised by those at the helm of affairs in Ekiti State, which is tantamount to a complete abuse of trust and leadership.
He said judging from a critical assessment of his campaign strategy that positively reached out to the people in all nooks and crannies of Ekiti State to push his progressive message, he had no doubt in his mind that he was coasting to victory had the process been transparent and fair.
“The underlining level of impunity, desperation and perfidy which characterized the entire rigging process was so much and thought beclouding that I was alloted 700 plus votes in a State wide gubernatorial primary election in a State where I had scored over 94, 000 votes in just one out of three Senatorial Districts to emerge as a Senator. “This was less than three years ago and after then I had done much more to earn the confidence and greater love of the people through effective representation on the floor of the Senate as well as life touching empowerment programmes and constituency development projects. “More specifically, the breakdown of the votes alloted to me indicated that I got 150 votes in Ado Ekiti, my beloved second home where I had recorded Twenty Eight Thousand votes out of the 42,000 votes that gave me the House of Representatives mandate way back in year 2011 to represent Ado / Irepodun-Ifelodun Federal Constituency.”
He said despite all the misadventure he will remain resolute, strong, focused and faithful in the face of the impunity, total lack of regard for the electoral due process and executive rascality by a chosen few who were elected to represent the interests of Ekiti people.

“We are of course taking immediate steps within the confines of our party constitution and the law to seek redress for this blatant abuse of trust and due process by the State actors.

“So whilst on this quest to seek an amicable resolution to this impasse, I urge all to remain calm and prayerful that justice and truth will prevail for the benefit of the people of Ekiti.
He expressed utmost gratitude for a battle well fought, a strategy well executed and a message well delivered. “But as children of God, in all things, we must give thanks. For we believe God will take control.

“To the glory of God, I have fought quite a number of battles in my life based on my sense of indignation to injustice; but I had never been this resolved to stand up and challenge principalities and powers in utmost determination to defeat darkness and make the light of Ekiti and her people shine again. “There is no doubt that Ekiti is, today, groping in darkness. We must work together for a glorious dawn of light.
“In working together, let us please not rely on our strength or wisdom but on the wisdom and grace of God, drawing strength from the scripture as contained in 2nd Chronicles, Chapter 20, Verse 12 saying: “WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, BUT OUR EYES ARE ON GOD.”

“In the spirit of togetherness shall we run through this and make a statement for justice. Certainly, also, we shall celebrate at the end of it all by the special grace of God.

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