***Says he represents the tomorrow they have been waiting

The Nigerian Youth Union (NYU) has thrown its weight behind the current Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal’s ambition to contest for president come 2023.

National President NYU Comrade Chinonso Obasi said they have found a rallying point and standard bearer to effect the take-over of Nigeria leadership by the youths.

“Tambuwal represents the leaders of tomorrow that youths have always been promised.

“Consequently, we have decided to latch unto President Muhammadu Buhari’s promise in 2018, while signing into law the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill, that youths should wait for 2023 to take over.

The president indicated that the year 2023 therefore serves as a beacon for Nigerian youths to organise and cease from agonising on the various leadership shortcomings that have held the nation down.
 “In taking this stand, we wish to emphasise that the age of his ideas, even his real age, leadership skills and experience, make Governor Tambuwal a huge asset to Nigerian youths.He said among the many big names and great personalities that have so far declared their intentions to contest for the 2023 Presidency on various political parties,

“We have seen grand fathers, political godfathers and big time political actors.”However, out of the entire lot of mostly expired and recycled leaders, it is our well considered view that Governor Tambuwal stands out, especially having shown leadership and garnered requisite experience in the Legislative and Executive arms of government.

“As the outgoing Governor of Sokoto State, we are excited that Tambuwal, who is also a lawyer by profession, has began consultations to throw his hat in the ring for the post of Nigeria President come 2023.

“With the strong stature of his mental, physical and moral capital, we are happy to announce that the Nigerian Youth Union (NYU) considers Governor Tambuwal as the greatest gift to Nigerian youths.

“He expressed regrets that young people of this great nation have been disconnected from governance, simply because the outgoing President, General Buhari, overlooked the youths in the belief that his fellow gerontocrats are all-knowing.

“However, we take solace in the President’s promise that 2023 is the year of Nigerian youths. As such, we have fine-tuned our strategies and reviewed out tactics to ensure that the forthcoming 2023 Presidential election is decided by the Nigerian youths.

“We have resolved to cast away the pain and scars of the #EndSARS uprising and invest our positive youthful energy in enthroning a youth minded Presidential candidate, who shall, in turn, involve youths in governance.

“We make bold to state that whoever is as old as Nigeria should, in the interest of his personal dignity, excuse him or herself from the 2023 Presidential contest.

“All these above-65 leaders contributed in many ways in making Nigeria the poverty headquarters of the world, where more that 14.5 million Nigerian children lack access to quality education and healthcare.

“At 56, and having served as Speaker of the 306-member Nigeria House of Representatives and currently in his second term as governor, Barrister Tambuwal has demonstrated capacity to integrate young people into governance and public decision-making processes.

“To buttress his position on his youthful disposition he said it is of interest to note that, among the 36 state governors in Nigeria, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (AWT) is the only governor that appointed a youth, in the person of 31-year-old Bashir Gorau as state Commissioner for Youth and Sports.

“It is this calibre of youth-sensitive like Governor Tambuwal that we believe can make the difference as Nigeria’s next President.”

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