Ahead of the national convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), a 33-year-old Dada Olusegun, has joined the race for the national youths leadership of the APC, even as he assured the youths of inclusiveness if given opportunity.
Making his official declaration through an open letter he personally addressed to all the APC youths on Tuesday, Olusegun, a communication strategist and youth advocate, said his passion for youth inclusion in politics will form the basis to chart the policy drive and execute template on inclusiveness for progressive youths on the National Working Committee.

“My first and foremost vow to the young people in our party is that I will fight for you and push for your interests with every fibre of my being. My manifesto titled “Eliminating the Rat Race” (which I will unveil shortly) explains my road map into expanding opportunities for young people in our party as we move towards 2023.

“I present myself as your best leg forward, your champion within the leadership of our great party and government.”
Olusegun also assured that if elected, “I will earnestly agitate for young and qualified progressives; I will ensure they get the right of first refusal when it comes to getting jobs in Federal , State and Local Government levels which will be aided by developing a comprehensive register for young progressives.

“Police brutality and Law enforcement abusing their office is a feature in the life of the Nigerian Youth today and Law enforcement abuse does not recognize political bias.
“Therefore, we will create a law enforcement abuse desk in the national secretariat with a coordinated network of phone numbers, emails and social media handles to be made public. Thereafter, we will be able to escalate complaints and get justice for the innocent

“My policy drive will birth the Youth Directorate in our great party. The Youth Directorate will seek to facilitate the absorption of young progressives into party structure and organize relevant leadership tutelage and programs to further improve their human capacity development. Within my first 100days in office as the National Youth Leader, I will facilitate the creation of the Youth Directorate Office.
“Being the National Youth Leader of our party, my office will champion the reorientation of Nigerian youths especially the hordes who have been infested with misinformation, hatred for their fatherland by the opposition and interest that loathe this country have put into their heads about our great party and the administration by taking the message to the level of our youths who are hip and upwardly mobile in a fast-moving digital world.
“The office of the National Youth Leader would ensure the continuation of the Progressive Youth Conference. The conference shall be a yearly event that will bring young members of our great party together to discuss how to advance and further the cause of young Nigerians.
“If elected as the National Youth Leader, my office will ensure there is a youth-driven campaign throughout the electioneering process for the forthcoming 2023 General Election. The office will also have a campaign council comprising of young people who will act and serve as campaign spokespersons for young contestant.
“During my tenure as the National Youth Leader, my office will work towards organizing a yearly sport festival named “Progressive Sport Festival. This sport festival will be an Avenue for young members of our great party to showcase their sporting talent and as the National Youth Leader, my office will also partner with relevant national and international sport promoters to support, develop and groom the progressive sport talented individuals to the best standard.
“As globally agreed that technology is the bedrock of developing a nation, my office will have a special program for the young progressives that are technology enthusiasts at the annual progressive Conference. An Exhibition which play host to relevant industry players will be incorporated into the Progressive Youth Conference in order to create a pitching Avenue for startup ideas.
“As the National Youth Leader of our great party, my office will formulate and create an empowerment scheme for the teeming youths.
“This empowerment scheme aims to fund 24 young people that are tech entrepreneurs, small and medium scale business owners and other great ideas across the country. There shall be a selection of 4 young progressives in each geopolitical zone and each will be funded with a 5 million Naira cash.”

The young politician also promised support for the young aspirants.
“As the National Youth Leader of our party, my office will champion a campaign of “Not Too Poor To Run” policy. This policy will seek a reduction in the amount of nomination forms for all young progressives within the age range of 18-40 and will also create a level playing ground for them in our great party.
“As the National Youth Leader of our great party, my office will work closely and partner with the Ministry of Youths and Sports Development. This is to ensure that young members of our great party are keyed into the programs of the youth ministry.

While appealing for support, he called on young men and women in the party to see the convention as one that will shape their political lives for the next 8 years and beyond.

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