***Ganduje stokes debate on intellectualism and politics

***Gambari, professor Olukoshi disagree with Ganduje

A book launch on Thursday by Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State in Abuja virtually became a launching ground for his Presidential ambition.

The book titled ‘Unfinished Greatness, envisioning a New Nigeria was presented in Abuja  at the NAF Conference Center.

From the inscription such as ‘A new Nigeria is possible’ on the banners to the colourful decorations adorning the entrance to the dancers and the array of dignitaries, the NAF Conference Center venue of the book presentation was fully set for declaration of his ambition veiled under the cover of the book launch.

To set the tone for the campaign for Fayemi’s interest the chairman of Ekiti State traditional council, his royal majesty Adejuwon Gabriel Ayodele told the story of Joseph the dreamer who interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and was drafted to implement the dream.

He said,
“I congratulate the Governor, I want to liken his case to the case of Joseph in the Bible who interpreted pharaoh’s dream, that period they ask who will now implement the interpreted dream, he now said Joseph you are going to be the one that will implement it.

“I pray that the vision will come very soon when the writer would be called upon to implement the new dawn he has for this country.

Also, President Muhammadu Buhari represented by his chief of Staff, professor Ibrahim Gambari also said, He has the highest regards for Dr. Fayemi for many reasons, “first DrĀ  Fayemi was his minister for Mines and Solid Mineral Development and he was a trailblazer because he brought into that office vision, energy and commitment.

“Fayemi has also been part of the team that helped to bring President Buhari to power and was part of the transition from the previous Government to the present one.”

“Congratulations to you both and best wishes to all those who are here to join the author in helping him to achieve the reality of the vision he has so carefully articulated in his book.”

The Governor of Kano State who spoke on behalf of the Nigerian Governor’s forum threw up a debate saying intellectuals in governance do too much analysis which can lead to paralysis
In his words,
“Indeed this is a very important occasion and it is an occasion where we witness intellectuals in governance, intellectuals in politics because we are talking of trailblazers, the role, active participation if academician in governance. 

“There is no doubt this is a welcome development. It is always important for intellectuals to take active participation in politics because they are always great thinkers, they are always very focused.

“They analyse conflicting issues and try to find out the areas of convergence and the areas of divergence in politics and governance there is always conflicting variables so I congratulate him. 

“Some people are advocating that governance should only be for intellectuals but it is contrary to democracy but we have seen how important it is. 

“Unfortunately in developing countries intellectuals are afraid of Governance, and delving into active politics because they regard politics as a dirty game, but politics is not a dirty game. “Also some think intellectuals when they delve into politics they resort into too much analyses but sometimes people say too much analyses leads to paralyses. 

“I wonder if there is correlation between intellectualism and good governance.”

However the chief of staff to the President Professor Gambari who represented Buhari disagreed with Governor Ganduje saying,
“It is very important to state and Governor Ganduje has made the point that sometimes it is being said that academicians are not fit to be in Governance because they are too much terrestricians and I think Ganduje made the point that too much analysis can also lead to paralysis. “However, practice and politicking without a vision may also become unproductive for a country that needs to move forward. 
“So it is a combination of people of vision, intellect and practice, experience, record of achievements in public service that in my view qualify people for leadership.

“Plato in the famous book ‘The Republics’ said a society is doing justice to his people when those who are specialists in particular trade are allowed to express themselves to the fullest extent of their abilities and therefore felt philosophers should be king in other words intellectuals in a sense should be rulers.

“That is a perspective but that is a question of choice between practitioners and intellectuals but a combination of vision for a society, a combination of experience, of people who have demonstrated a capacity in articulating the needs of a society 

“It is Presidents view that the more people with experience, people of vision write about the future of the society, the better the society. They leave books, articles, and chart a course for the society as it has to be articulated from the background. “Fayemi has been Governor twice, he has also led a group of people who made it their daily business to attend to the needs of the people, so we need more books, more articles, more discussion on the future of our country.

“Coming back to Nigeria, it is true that the vision of our founding fathers have not been realize but it is a work in progress. 

“That is why I think it is important that this book should be read, this book be practicalised, this book should be used as a pointer and obviously I congratulate Fayemi for being another trailblazer not only in the ministry of mines and solid mineral development but also in the governance of this country.”

The keynote speaker Professor Adebayo Olukoshi said,

“After listening to Ganduge I was a bit frightened because I am going to lead you into paralysis because of analysis but actually I have been rescued partially by Gambari, in his response to you, Ganduje and I am sure you didn’t disagree as somebody yourself who has been in high chambers of knowledge with a doctorate.

“That ctually for the transformation of nations we do need at all times to find ways of harnessing what the former US secretary of state’s Cordel Hull refered to as the diplomacy of thought and the diplomacy of action because it is in the combination of thought that helps us to get out a vision for ourselves and our future that we then begin to frame action and through thought critique action in order to improve in the quest for even greater form of perfection”

The chairman of the occasion General (rtd) Yakubu Gowon in his opening speech said

“The notion of greatness is evolutionary though the pace can be made to go a bit faster 

“Unfinished greatness therefore speak to a determination to remain focused on our goal of building a great nation where peace unity, justice and security reigns.

‘The second notion of envisioning a new Nigeria addresses the leadership question , the country might not have gotten it right for much of our 62 years as an independent nation but I think we have all done our best but this should not undermine our search for a quality for quality leadership. 

“We come with a mind set that sees further than even the 21st century that is for you younger ones. We speak of leadership that will made our unity in diversity work. 

“We speak of leadership that makes our borders internal and external safe for everyone. We speak of leadership with determination to eradicate poverty disease and ignorance in the land.
“We speak of leadership that is concerned with making democracy work in a manner that make citizens to truly enjoy democracy dividend broadly we speak of leadership that makes Nigerians extremely proud of their green passport.

 “I suspect that Governor Fayemi must have been moved to ponder these issues from his vantage position as a two term Governor of his state and chair person of the Nigerian Governor’s forum.”

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