By Baffa Dahaya

As the 2023 general election draws close, the new agitation today in Nigeria is for the youth to take over the driving seat of leadership just like their counterparts in developed economies.

Even at the National level, the older politicians themselves have suddenly realized that it is time for the youth to exhibit their potentials to take the country to the next level.
Jigawa State is not left out as various groups have been mounting pressure on the son of the immediate past Governor Sule Lamido, a youth, to contest for the Governorship.
Mustapha sule Lamido though young and ebullient, is not new to the political turf having exhibited the stuff he is made of in 2019.
As businessman turned politician, he was the 2019 PDP Senatorial Candidate for Jigawa Central Senatorial district which he lost despite overwhelming support and followership.
Though, Lamido (jnr) will always tell who ever cares to listen, that his ambition is about his own political carrier and not his father’s, but clearly the goodwill of his father will also go a long way in paving the way for his very tall ambition to be realised.
An opportunity to test the waters came recently when former Sokoto State Governor Attahiru Bafarawa led the incumbent Governor
Aminu Waziri Tambuwal to Jigawa for consultation over his presidential ambition when supporters of Lamido took over the show as if it was a presidential campaign rally.
The crowd from the Dutse Airport to the Bamaina country home of the Lamidos was unprecedented to the extent Bafarawa could not hold back but express Surprise that after 7 years Lamido left office he could still command such mammoth followership means he did very well as a governor.

Since his first attempt in 2019, when he contested to be a Senator, but lost gallantly, Lamido (jnr)’s political profile has been on the upswing.
Hence, the recent calls by some youth and women groups in Jigawa for him to throw his hat in the ring for the coveted position of the number one citizen of the State.
Groups like the Gadawur Youths Association, Association for women development in Jigawa State, Masu Sana’ar Hannu association and the Young traders association of Nigeria have all been drumming support for the business mogul turned politician in their quest for a new Jigawa to be birthed come 2023.
The groups said they believe with Mustapha Lamido as Governor, the State will do better especially judging by the achievements of his father who brought most of the developments in Jigawa today.
Some of the things that may work in his favour they said, include his youthful energy and his eagerness to serve the people.
Another one they said is the goodwill of his father who was at the helm of affairs in the State for 8 years with his developmental strides that are visible for all to see.
They added that in 2023 Buhari is not contesting hence they believe PDP would bounce back in Jigawa that is traditionally PDP it’s stronghold.
They believe that Lamido junior can not afford to perform below his own father as the achievements of his father will continue to spur him to do better, most of his supporters have said.
Again, the recent popular call for the older politicians to yield the ground for the younger generation has become a sing song which may also work in his favour.
Recently, when Governor Tambuwal Visited the State to consult with the former Governor in his country home, Bamaina led by the former Sokoto State Governor Attahiru Bafarawa, Barawa had indicated that it is time Nigeria allow the young people to lead the country for better results.
Again over the weekend, the former military head of State who midwived the Nigerian Nascent democracy in 1999 General (rtd) Abdusalami Abubakar said the youths rather than older politicians should be allowed to be on the driving seat this time around.
Abdulsami spoke at his hilltop country home in Minna when President of Kaftan TV, Prince Adewale Adebayo, a presidential aspirant visited to consult with him on his ambition come 2023.
He said the world is going digital and he believed the younger generation are more exposed internationally in ICT more than the older generation.
According to Musbau Abdul a member of the Masu Sana’ar Hannu Association, their quest for Lamido(jnr) is borne out of the desire to have a person from their own age bracket as a governor who will understand their problems.
The atmosphere in Jigawa has been electrified for those who believe in the possibility of Mustapha clinching the coveted position in 2023.
In his 2019 election statements, on the enthusiasm among youths for his candidature, he said more than 50% of the world’s population is dominated by the youths.’
“The same thing applies when you step it down to Nigeria as the youth constitute 70 to 75% of its population. The youths have not been given enough opportunity in Nigeria.

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