The Executive Director, Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Idris Miliki Abdul has raised the alarm over the disappearance of street lights in Lokoja, the Kogi State Capital.

Miliki in a statement he personally signed and made available to the NationalUpdate on Tuesday indicated that street lights are provided by governments for security as well as it’s aesthetic values.
He asked rhetorically,
“Where’s our street lights in lokoja? Street lights any where is both for beautification, safety and security.
“We are wandering what is the problem associated with the street lights in Lokoja inherited by the current governor and government in Kogi state.
“It’s worrisome that several months of unexplainable reasons to the people of Kogi state the street lights have gone in to a tin air.

“Regrettably even the few ones fixed along NTA Round About down to Kogi Hotels in the State capital were removed completely at about 7:30pm, on the 8 march 2022 removed.”

He challenged the commissioner for work in Kogi state to explain to the people of the state the rational behind the removal of the street lights in lokoja for several months with out fixing them.

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