***Withdraw supports, to back ‘youth oriented aspirants’

The Orji Uzor Kalu support group in the South-South appeared to have divided over disaffection of members towards the presidential bid of the Senate Chief Whip.

It was gathered that some of the members are threatening to withdraw their membership in order to settle-down to pick a widely acceptable aspirant.

The group dominated by youths and popularly known as OUK is battling to survive.

One of the angry members who disclosed the situation to our correspondent, said “it may not be healthy for us as a nation in this trying times if we don’t look before we leap, even for the fact that we wish to give an opportunity for someone from the South East, it should be somebody who ready to salvage the challenges confronting this country.

“Those of us who do not want to continue with the group need a more competent person with character and integrity, a leader that is ready to drive the interest of Youths agenda instead of his selfish and personal agenda.

“The nation today is at a cross road where we need men with proven integrity. The Youths are more enlightened now than ever, we are well informed over the politics of inclusiveness.”

He said they have also tried to reach Senator Orji Uzor Kalu in order to outline his agenda to them but to no avail.

According to him, “We will not encourage those seeking for elective office who do not have open door policy. We do not need men with dented and questionable character, we do not need men who intend to use youths and dump them without seeking to harness their potential for national productivity and positive change.

“From today, we will be doing background check on all those seeking to pilot the affairs of this country as chief executive officer if they have what it takes to vie and run for the position.”

Besides, he noted with disdain saying “if we also find out those that will steal our common patrimony we’re ready and we’ll use all our social media influencers to launch a serious campaign against such person; because never again we’re going to allow mediocres and unfit persons who will pretend to be Youths friendly but has a bias and nepotistic tendencies. We will vehemently reject such a person.”

“In a country where Leaders who are supposed to be our servants see themselves as demi gods; we will not be deterred, we have resolved to use our tools to change the narratives,” he concluded.

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