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Yari says it was Buhari’s mistake that brought Oshiomhole, crises



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The All Progressives Congress (APC) can not afford to repeat it’s past mistakes of handpicking it’s national chairman as was done in the case of Adams Oshiomhole that has created the crisis in the party, former Governor of Zamfara State Abdulazeez Yari has said.

Speaking to newsmen after meeting with the Senate caucus of the party to canvass for their support on the insinuation that the President has anointed Abdullahi Adamu, he said,

“The President made mistake in the past by anointing Adam’s Oshiomhole single handedly nobody voted for him, he was anointed as the national chairman and you can see the result today, do you want to remain like that?”

He said the president has since debunked the insinuation,

“You have also been reading in the newspapers that President Muhammadu Buhari did not anoint anybody, the special adviser on media, Garba Shehu has since clarified that. 

“We are trying to break those jinx, we must come through the ballot box so that we can respect the votes of the people not by picking. 

“Let me remind them those that think they can just be pushed forth to come and do it, that it will not be business as usual. 

On the zoning arrangement whereby the party zoned the national chairmanship position to Noth central he said, “I am not aware of that, because what we were briefed is that the positions of the North should go to the south and that of the South to the North.

“That is what the caucus sat down to agree and I am one of them and many others are not, therefore as you see in the social media that is the same way I saw it in the social media and as a senior person in this party I can not rely on information from the Social media they deserved to be verified. “In anyway one thing we should be determined to do is to bring about true democracy. 

“For instance, this particular office is always being mared by all sorts of arrangement that did not deliver the right choice of the people, because it may be annointed by the zone whether the others like it or not so the responsibility the chairman is supposed to carry our is 30/20 and we dont care because it is under consensus arrangement.

“For instance,, if the chairmanship be zoned to Northern Nigeria and Presidency to the South are we going to dictate to the zone who should be chosen? No.

“We are trying to break that jinx and embrace the real democracy. I did not know any issue about zoning because it was not communicated to me, I only saw it on social media

He said he has already purchased his form and he knows that it is the National assembly makes laws for everyone. “Whether reconciliation or any other process I have already picked form. We are ready to meet in the ballot box.”

He indicated that zoning is unconstitutional in their party.

While soliciting the support of the senators in the party he said, “I am here to seek for your support for my ambition to be the national chairman of the APC. You are the stakeholders of this party and the symbol of democracy.

“This is my first place of call since we started this journey in the last one year. I will want to work together with you. We need people that are tested and trusted,” Yari said insisting that there is no zoning in their constitution. 

“We know the constitution of the party. It did not segregate where one comes from and I will work hard to ensure that I emerged Chairman. We will deliver based on the constitution of the party,” Yari said while urging stakeholders not to vote someone like their former chairman, Adams Oshiomhole. 

“The contest should not be about where you came from, it should be about what you can do. 

“We hope to produce the next president and we need a leader that will ensure that the party keep winning. This election we have been postponing was supposed to be done in the last one year. 

“I came to present myself to you and solicit for your support. If we cross the bridge, we hope to work hard and produce the next president of this country,” Yari said. 

Responding, the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege, who stood in for the Senate president said Yari came close to occupying the Senate seat but for the court decision, he was restrained adding that such should not be allowed to repeat itself. 

Omo-Agege said Yari is one of the few contestants that have formally visited them in the Senate adding that haven been in the House of Representatives and supported them, they will also support him. 

“APC Is at a crossroads. That is the bad news. The good news is that all the challenges will soon come to pass. You are a major stakeholder. You’ve serve as a governor and you know the problems of the party. In the next few days, continue to tour that part of peace. 

“All we seek here at the National Assembly is a strong APC that will win the next election. There are so much conspiracies outside here. The PDP is praying to win the 2023 General Election, we are also praying and we pray God should not answer their prayers.

“You are a leader that can speak truth to power. You are a leader that fit that bill. We wish you success on the 26 of this month, ” Omo-Agege said.

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LP digs into archives, unearth document that limits NLC power to take party




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In its effort to regain legitimacy the Labour Party (LP) has started digging into its archive to produce historical limitations to the powers of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) over the Labour Party (LP).

According to the letter displayed by the LP, the Nigerian Labour Congress does not have any status conferred by the statute over the Labour Party; instead, it enjoys the status of any member of the Labour Party.

The letter written in 2015, signed by Mrs Augusta C. Ogakwu, Secretary to the Commission, and addressed to the former leader of the Labour Party, Ayuba Wabba, reads: “With reference to your letter on the above subject dated August 5″, 2015, I am directed to inform you that the Commission has reviewed relevant documents and records in its possession in respect of the Labour Party and has established the following:

“Membership of the Labour Party as provided in Articles 1 and 9 of the Labour Party’s Constitution, 2009, does not confer any special or superior status on the Nigeria Labour Congress.”

The letter, INEC/DEPMI/LP/16/T/68, is entitled: Re: request for INEC’s Urgent Intervention To Arrest The Activities Of An Imposter Group In Labour Party

The letter further said, “In accordance with Article 15(7) of the Labour Party Constitution, 2009, the elected National Executive Committee (NEC) has a tenure of four (4) years.”

In a commentary signed by the National Publicity of Labour Party, Pastor Obiora Ifoh, Labour leaders should acquaint themselves with history to avoid unnecessary conflict

The comment reads, in part: “A good student learns from history. If people refuse to learn from history, history will continue to repeat itself. When the Nigeria Labour Congress attempted to crookedly take over the leadership of the Labour Party in 2015 and wrote INEC, INEC replied that they had no locus standi to interfere or change the leadership of the party.

“They have failed to learn from that trajectory, and it is surprising that Joe Ajaero’s NLC is also taking the same line of action and trajectory, and they are expecting a different result.

“A reasonable NLC would have been thinking of how to consolidate with the leadership of the Labour Party having made huge exploits and having achieved great results from the 2023 general election; rather, they have chosen a collision cause that will neither help them nor help Nigerians.

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Olusola Oke says, he did not commit crime for marrying an Igbo woman




Barrister Olusola Oke addressing the media after the submission of his expression of interest and nomination forms for the November Governorship election in Ondo State.
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**Admits he is a polygamist

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming Ondo State governorship election, Olusola Oke has put to rest the misinformation about his marital status and the politics of the first Lady of the State disclosing he is a polygamist

The Social media had been awashed with tweets from his opponents in Ondo State telling people not to vote for him as his Ibo wife will visit tyranny on the State like the immediate past first Lady, Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu.

Reacting to a poser on the issue with reference to a tweet making the round on social media that reads,
“Say no to Olusola Oke, we don’t want another Igbo tyrant first Lady in our place. The last 8 years had been hell under Mrs Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu, Olusola should simply go to his wife’s state to contest”
He said, in a contest like this, you don’t expect everybody to be your friend and when they cannot find fault in you, they will look for something.
“First and foremost there is a good population of Igbos in Ondo State who are members of APC, when you say that what you are doing is provoking them to support me.
“In Nigeria, it is unconstitutional for anybody to discriminate against another on the grounds of the circumstances of his birth, his tribe or marriage. So what the person is tweeting is unconstitutional.
“It is not against any law in Nigeria to marry from another section of the country but these people have also forgotten, they keep writing about my junior wife, I am a polygamist.
“They have checked my credentials they know they cannot find fault in terms of relevant requirements, they cannot say that I am not well educated, they cannot question the integrity based on my certificate, they cannot question experience.
“They cannot question my good looks, so they must get something to talk about. Yes the social media is awashed but you will never see me comment. We are talking about competence and the development of the State, you are talking about being married to an Igbo.
“It is a funny story, but the truth of the matter is I married a Yoruba woman first in my life, an Ilaje woman, we have been married for the last 41 years. She is a PhD holder, she has served Ondo State for 35years, even in her right she could be governor of Ondo State, yet when they write, they misinform deliberatly to denigrate my person.
“I haven’t committed any crime and I am happy at the tweet, look at what some said, that the Ibo woman is the most generous woman they had ever seen.
“I have got women, pretty, don’t look at them, they are well mannered women, I have not told anyone who will be my first Lady. Obviously those who write, are not with me.”
The aspirant had visited the Party’s national secretariat to submit his expression of interest and nomination forms on Friday

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LP crisis: Obi drops bombshell, says he will leave if leadership fails to change




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The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party(LP)in the 2023 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has taken many Nigerians by surprise when he hinted about the possibility of dumping the party ahead of the 2027 election season if the leadership of the party failed to toe the part of integrity.
This is coming against the backdrop that the Labour Party held what was described by stakeholders as a kangaroo convention that even the Electoral Umpire; the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has discredited.
Obi had advised the leadership of the party to tarry a while for proper consultation before the convention, but the leaders went ahead with the convention.
They also reserved the 2027 presidential ticket of the Party for Peter Obi and that of Abia State for Alex Otti the incumbent Governor who is yet to be 10 months on the saddle even when they decided not to take part in the gathering
Obi gave the hint during an engagement with his supporters on his Verified X space hosted by Parallel Facts, yesterday.

The former Amambra State Governor explained that his primary focus which dedicated members of the Obidient Movement have aligned with; is all about making Nigeria work for all citizens, as such, he refused to be distracted.

According to him, the contrived crisis in the Labour Party was part of a distractive strategy which neither he nor his supporters were willing to fall for.

Obi said, “Our engagement is about Nigeria, they are trying to change our focus what we want to do is not about Labour Party it is about what the Obidients want to do about Nigeria.

“We are thinking about water, we are thinking about power, we are thinking about employment, thinking about security that should be our focus.

“The other matter we will deal with. We were somewhere , we didn’t start with Labour.

“I’m a Christain. Jesus said, when you go into a city try to change them, live with them ,fast with them, if in the end you can’t you come out and even wash the sand that is on your shoes .

“He didn’t say go there and die with them. I tell you, I’m making spirited efforts to change them (LP) but I’m not going to die with them.

“That will not stop what we set out to do, We will try to change them (LP), if we can’t, we will leave them, we will not die with them.” End

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