For shutting down Chrisland Schools following an alleged sexual scandal among some of its students, the National Parent Teacher Association of Nigeria (NAPTAN) has commended the Lagos State Government (LASG)
After a viral sex video of minor students of the school th LASG had on Monday closef all Chrisland Schools within LagosThis the LASG indicatef was to allow for proper investigation.The mother of the 10-year-old victim seen in the video claimed that she was raped.
The Lagos government, said it was investigating the allegations.
Deputy National President of NAPTAN, Mr Adeolu Ogunbanjo, while reacting to the development, commended the Lagos State Government for the swift move, describing it as a first and right step in the right direction.

Ogunbanjo, however, expressed sadness at the development, which according to him, is not in any way a rape case, as claimed by the mother of the suspended pupil in the viral video.

“I fully support the step taken by LASG, the schools should remain closed. I trust the Lagos State Commissioner for Education in ensuring that thorough investigations commences immediately,”

“Honestly, it is a shame and a very sad one. I have watched the video and from what I saw there, it is as a result of poor parenting, indiscipline and improper counselling on sex education.

“There is also an administrative deficit, because even though they are children, boys and girls are not supposed to be together in the same hotel room, as seen in the video,” he added.

Ogunbanjo also condemned the approach of the Chrisland Schools Management on the development, adding that since March, they ought to have informed their parents and carried them along immediately.

He emphasised the need for the issue to be properly addressed, as people were likely to have negative impression about the school, with over seven branches across the State.

“The case of the late Sylvester Oromoni of Dowen College, Lekki, is still fresh in people’s memory and now this one, all in private schools.

“I mean it is disheartening, considering the ages of the students involved,” he added

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