To commemorate the Global Earth Day, Nigerians have been cautioned against contributing negatively to the environment through activities that will aggravate global warming and climate change consequences.

Executive director eHealth Africa Juliet Odogwu gave the admonition on Friday in Abuja to commemorate the global Earth Day and Tree Planting campaign.
She indicated that the idea behind the 2022 commemoration themed #InvestInOurPlanet, is to encourage governments and citizens to take concrete steps towards following more sustainable practices and taking more of an active role in the Earth’s wellbeing.

“We have a long way to go as Nigerians in terms of enhancing our environment and reducing our behaviours that are contributing to climate change and global warming.
According to her, “We have individual responsibility, a collective responsibility as Nigerians to do our bit in making sure we have a clean environment and a clean planet. 

“Not only Tree Planting but every other thing we can do to make sure we use efficient energy sources, like renewable energy and solar power, we should make sure we don’t litter the environment in other to keep the environment clean.
“Those are little ways we can contribute to investing in our planet so that we can be good stewards of our environment.”
This campaign is important to create public awareness about rising temperatures, global warming, and climate change. 
“As an organisation, eHealth Africa is committed to ensuring that they put measures in place that will enhance environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint. 
“We have also worked towards reducing our carbon footprint in the past through the use of solar systems for electricity. 
“eHealth Africa continues to be a champion for renewable energy in public health and we ensure that in all our physical infrastructure projects, we incorporate efficient energy solutions and encourage all of our partners and stakeholders to do so as well. 
“By going solar, we aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels and limit greenhouse gas emissions” 

“For eHA, this is not just a tree planting exercise. It is a campaign to create public awareness about the need to be good stewards of our planet. Our environment is important to us, as individuals or as organizations, we depend 100% on our ecosystems for survival.”
“We are here to do our little bit by contributing to the theme for this year’s Earth Day which is invest in our planet 
We are here for a Tree planting exercise. Today we will be planting 200 plants in Abuja and 300 trees in Kano as part of our contribution to investing in our planet

“Tree planting is one of the cheapest and most effective ways that we can contribute to a cleaner planet, removing carbon Dioxide from the environment and at the same time beautifying our environment

“We are gathering out here as a community development exercise as an effort to mitigate climate change and global warming within the environment and again we are doing our bit to beautify our society

“If we don’t do our bid we won’t be able to thrive  talk more of an environment that is fit for the future generation to survive
We are here to celebrate world health day to invest in our planet.
Deputy director Parks and Recreation FCT administration, Okpe Charles said, the environment is very important, “we live in an environment and it is our responsibility that we ensure we sustain the environment to be clean, we know the importance of trees to human beings. That is what we are doing. 
“It is gratifying that eHealth Africa members are participating in this years Earth Day and at the same time commemorating it with planting of trees  knowing fully well to importance of trees to humanity.
“It beholves everybody to sustain the environment not only FCT alone and one very important way of mitigating against consequences of climate change is the planting of trees. 
“Take away oxygen there will be no life and that is one basic benefit of trees. Where is no tree, you are inviting desertification, erosion and many things that can work against the environment. The environment you failed to protect will hunt you tomorrow.”

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