Having failed wiefully in their present and past responsibilities to the electorates they were elected to serve, all serving state governors and ministers aspiring for the presidency have been advised to drop their aspirations.

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Salihu Othman Isah has stated.

Isah, who is an activist and entertainer asked them to bury their heads in shame for their poor performance in positions they occupy or have occupied instead of aspiring for the presidency.

According to him, it is disgusting that governors of States which insecurity have ravaged under their watch are now indicating interest to run for various elective positions using state resources especially security votes which they are supposed to deploy for securing their citizens.

The actor and former National Vice President of Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) disclosed that in Europe and the United States of America as well as some parts of Asia, no leader with abysmal performance is encouraged to vie for offices or return to the ones they are currently holding when they have performed woefully.

He bemoaned the situation whereby leaders who cannot pass a mere integrity test if conducted on them are either elected or reelected to office.

“The situation we contend with is that none of the elected governors or appointees can scale through a properly conducted integrity test. The best we can have is a few of them scoring less than forty percent and in this case, forty out of a hundred percent is not a pass mark.”

The APC presidential aspirant also said it is equally shameful that some African nations we see as poor and lowly describing them as banana republics are actually doing better than Nigeria which is referred to as a Giant of Africa.

He said he was shocked and surprised when he visited some of these countries as far back as ten years ago to behold the level of growth and stability they have attained.

He hinted that he discovered they were actually the giants since they are better and more developed with organized systems and institutions than the supposed giant, Nigeria.

Isah who is popularly known as Hotman in the entertainment circle explained that these nations are better organized and disappointingly even more civilised than our nation.

He listed some of these countries to include Angola, Namibia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya among others.

He blamed our past and present leaders for the setback for failing to engender growth by building institutions, regretting that, “what occupies their minds and psyche is how to plunder our budgetary allocations. So bad such that budget delivery in Nigeria is like a ritual that must be observed or performed yearly, but which are never commensurate with actual growth.
“All we hear annually are high figures being pronounced which never translate to tangible development.

“Now. What will be the difference between my leadership and that of these primitive leaders? First and foremost is the assemblage of a team of like minds, conscientious and committed professionals that know how to manage men and resources, those that are passionate in harnessing our God’s given gifts for the greater good of all Nigerians.

According to him,
“In saner and civilised climes, failures are not encouraged to perform more failures. They kick their asses out from public space instead of being recycled as is done here.

“They have no moral justification to request another term in office from the electorate who they have failed, the position of the constitution notwithstanding.

“You see. The issue here is moral justification, maturity, democratic rights and the fear of God. It is not about the constitution either.
“Not a single one has displayed adequate capacity, capability, selflessness, ability and the willingness to be above board as President.
“For instance, none of them can be singled out as incorrigible. The are all corrupt. Corruption is in their gene, their DNA are polluted. We can’t trust them because they have been tested and they have failed.
“It’s like the educational system. If a child fails the primary school, you don’t upgrade such child to secondary level. If he or she falls the secondary, they will have to drop out and not promoted to the university. This is how it is.

“These governors have siphoned the funds meant for security in their various states. So they can’t be allowed to contest the presidency. If they cannot stop insecurity in their states, how can they now be able to stop it at Federal level.
“If they can’t grant basic education in their states, how can they do it at the federal level? This is the morals of this argument.”

Isah who was named as one of the 50 future leaders in the country by the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) stressed that
“With me as President, Nigerians can go to sleep with their two eyes closed. It is not rocket science but by doing the needful until such a time we attain perfection.

“Nigerians have a right to be secured. Security is one of the main factors for the growth of societies. An insecure society will always be distracted from other factors that will lead to its development.
“So for me, my four point agenda is security, education, healthcare delivery and boosting the economy. When a nation is at peace, every other factor of development falls into pleasant places.”

He promised that his government will encourage the recycling of wastes and products adding that industries that will engage in recycling of wastes will be established in all the 774 local governments areas as a means of creating employment especially for the youths.

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