Youth from six states in the North Central geo- political zone in the country under the aegis of “National Youth Inclusive in Governance Organisation” have inaugurated their state coordinators to actualise their dream, as they vowed to queue behind any presidential candidate with vision for grooming youth for leadership.

This was the resolve of the youth’s ‘North Central caucus round table strategic meeting’ in Lokoja which was attended by representatives of the group from Plateau, Nassarwa, Kwara, Benue, Kogi and Niger states, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja .

At a press conference, shortly after inaugurating the coordinators for the six states, the convener and the spokesperson, Alhaji Yusuf Sherif Banki stated that the era when politicians take delight in using the youth to achieve power without grooming them for future leadership role is over.

“We must resist not to be used by politicians as political tools in the 2023 election. We cannot support any candidate without sitting down to discuss his capacity, readiness and vision for the youth of this country”, said the spokesperson of the group .

In a statement, the youth from the six states said they have had enough of use – and -dump syndrome associated with the political leaders of this country, and as such, they have decided to take their destiny in their own hands .

The youth from the Central geo political zone stressed further that it has become imperative for the youth of this country to change their strategy and approach, to attract the older generation who held to power to accord them the necessary support and involve them in governance.

“If you vie for sensitive position, the elders would tell you, ‘you are too young to be there’; you don’t have the necessary experience’. “We have had enough of this. Lets come to a round table so that we can discuss our future together”, said the group.

The youth said their doors are opened to the Presidential Aspirants that are interested in their future, not those that have mortgaged the vision of the youth for their selfish ends.

“We need to stand up and fight for our right and political future. The present setting is not favourable to the youth of this country.We need to sit down with evolving leaders and discuss our future” their statement read

The youth stated the indication that the elders are not ready to groom or involve youth in leadership role in the country was again expressed by the high cost of nomination form by two front line political parties, APC and PDP.

In his remarks on behalf of the inaugurated coordinators, Comrade Abdul Usman Shaibu from Nassarawa state charged his colleagues in other states to be up and doing since they have decided to place their cards on the table for discussion to decide their role in future.

Earlier, the convener of the group, Comrade Banki stated that the patriotic youth of Nigeria are out to canvass for “inclusiveness of youth in all tiers of governments. We are after leaders that have direction and vision for youth. Leaders that can promote and groom youth for leadership . Leaders that will resolve injustice, shun discrimination, inequality and other vices in the society”.

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