Ibrahim Lawal Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to detained Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo has raised the alarm over the perilous health of his principal who has been denied medical attention at another medical facility he was referred.
Dagogo was arrested last week when he appeared for screening at Zonal Office of PDP in Port Harcourt in furtherance of his gubernatorial ambition.
His arrest followed directives to security operatives by Governor Nyesom Wike who had declared him wanted over allegation that he sponsored cultists to disrupt the screening of PDP aspirants in Rivers for the State and National Assembly positions.
Lawal warned that if anything untoward happens to Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo, Governor Nyesom Wike, his Camp Commandant, Efeturi Irikefe and the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Friday Eboka, should be held responsible.
“The safety of Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo families, his friends, associates, followers, aides and others fall into this category as well.
“Source have appraised us of clandestine moves to plant arms and ammunitions in their homes, either to harm or arrest them all in other to demoralise the Federal Lawmaker.
“Tyranny must not have a way in our style of governance.
According to him, the health situation of Hon. Dagogo is now perilous. “A request from the personal physician to the lawmaker for a referral to another medical facility was thwarted by the Rivers State Government through its Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice.”
He said, Dagogo is a responsible Federal Lawmaker that is entitled to adequate medical care.
“The fact of the matter remains that there is now a high level of conspiracy targeted at taking Dagogo out of the governorship race and frightening enough, it now involves the head of the police in Rivers State.
“The Inspector General of Police should as a matter of urgency commence investigation into the roles of CP Friday Eboka and Efeturi Irikefe in the political victimisation, vendetta and intimidation of Hon. Dagogo.
“It is now sacrosanct because it involves his personnel who have made themselves available and willing tools.
“As the supposed number one intelligence officer in Rivers State, CP Eboka should have substantiated his claims that “group of boys numbering about 30 stormed the venue with various weapons.
“Some were carrying arms, daggers, cutlass, axes and were singing cult songs of course. “Some of them were saying no Farah, no screening, no Farah, no PDP. They were shooting indiscriminately, quite disturbing.” It is quite unfortunate.
One moment, he claims not to be involved in ‘politics’ the next moment, his statement indicted him as a willing tool in the hands of Governor Nyesom Wike to frustrate the governorship aspiration of Hon. Dagogo.
“For the records, no arms or any weapons were found on the innocent boys arrested, neither were they included in their charges.

“The Commissioner of Police, Rivers State, Friday Eboka has also informed the world that mere mention of one’s name at any gathering could easily justify being declared wanted by a Governor.
“CP Eboka is also out to justify his pact with the Governor of Rivers State and that explains the ludicrous lines he presented on National Television.”
“The first lie of CP Friday Eboka; there was no incident of disturbance by any member of the public on that fateful day of April 27th, 2022 as the screening exercise went smoothly and was concluded in the wee hours of the following day.

“The sporadic gunshots witnessed on that day and which should be classified as public disturbance was effected by Superintendent Efeturi Irikefe, Camp Commandant to Governor Wike, who was physically on ground harrasing and molesting PDP faithful that came to give moral support to their aspirants.

“For the umpteenth time, Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo is a governorship aspirant and was never at the venue for screening of National and State Assembly aspirants.
“The 15 persons the CP claimed were arrested as cultists have since been interrogated and charged to court, our lawyers are privy to their statements.
“None of them mentioned Hon Dagogo as the one that brought them to the Party Secretariat. They explained their presence to the police in their various statements that they are party faithful who went there to support their aspirants. “Again, Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo is not not an aspirant for those positions.

He described as false claim by CP Eboka led that he invited Hon Dagogo challenging him to present proof of such invitation.
“Why did CP Friday Eboka comfortably leave out the fact that he had phone conversation with Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo few minutes before he went to the screening venue and told him (Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo) in unequivocal terms that Governor Nyesom Wike has no powers to declare him wanted and that he (Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo should go ahead with his screening?

“What is now obvious is that CP Friday Eboka is in cahoots with Efeturi Irikefe who is not only his brother from neighbouring Delta State but who also doubles as the Camp Commandant to Governor Nyesom Wike, the chief protagonist of the whole plot.
“This explains the ease with which the Camp Commandant to Governor Nyesom Wike led the police personnel that took away, more like abduction Hon Dagogo at the venue of the PDP governorship screening on April 28, 2022. “Another poser that should haver bothered CP Eboka is how did the Camp Commandant, who ordinarily should have his protective ring or architecture and jurisdiction limited to the four walls of the Government House be in official capacity and in charge of security at the PDP Secretariat in Port Harcourt for the screening of National and State Assembly aspirants and further be in charge of security at the PDP governorship screening exercise the following day, April 28th?”

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