The political parties thinking that the Labour Party (LP)’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi has no structure hence he will not make impact should wake up to the reality of an imminent tsunami that will sweep through the country, LP candidate for Edo South Senatorial District in the 2023 general election Barr. Neda Imasuen, has said

Imasuen who is the former legislative aid to senator Mathew Urhoghide said Obi’s structures are the people and new converts that are streaming to the philosophy of Peter Obi every day and everywhere in droves.

“The so-called big parties are claiming that Peter Obi has no structure but I consider such assertion as ridiculous and fallacious, they are kidding themselves. They should know that Nigerians are now wiser than 2015 and 2019.

“Our health sector has been so neglected to such low level that our best minds are exiting the country to places where they can practice their profession. 

“Insecurity is getting worse with the present government running out of ideas on how to address this daunting issue. There is growing unemployment of our youths and there seem to be no solution in sight. 

“The present administration of the ruling party has driven the country to a pitiable state of no economic growth, lack of sustainable educational policy and lack of meaningful health policy.

“And here comes his Excellency, Peter Obi a ,frustrated Nigerian like millions of other Nigerians who understands the issue at hand and armed with the solution that will reverse this downward trend to a healthy economy. 

He said as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria if elected, God willing, he will offer his services to the realization of the economic and social policies  of Peter Obi. 

“I will be one of the drivers that will ensure that his Executive Bills are expeditiously passed in the senate. As part of my functions to oversight the Ministries Departments and Agencies i will ensure am strict to ensure they adhere to the Acts that set them up. “This way, excesses ,waste and corruption will be tamed.

I also will strive to continue the stella achievements of my predecessor the Distinguished Senator Matthew Urhoghide whose achievements is second to none in the history of Legislative representation in Edo state”

He said as his former Senior Legislative Aide, he oversighted all the projects from conception to delivery across all the 77 wards that comprise the Edo South Senatorial District. 

“I will strive hard to bring government closer to the people in offering services, project delivery and adequate legislative representation in the Red Chambers.

“As a former diaspora Nigerian, i will strive to push for the passage of legislation that will make it possible for Nigerians in the diaspora to vote in our elections. 

“Nigerians in the diaspora contribute immensely to our economy and as such must be given a voice in the election of our leaders. 

“There must be a deliberate attempt by our government to reverse the trend of the brain drain currently going on in Nigeria and for a deliberate effort to attract Nigerian professionals back home. This is a task that must be done.”

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3 thoughts on “Peter Obi’s LP will sweep Nigeria in 2023 like tsunami says Bar. Imasuen”
  1. On point. As a former diaspora Nigerian, we expect that your wealth of experience would be climaxed in our economy to transform our country into becoming like the diaspora.

  2. This is a noble stand from a noble personality. A trusted and responsible individual, whose passion for a better Nigeria is rooted in his desire to see that the average Nigerian is not just existing but living.
    Be rest assured that your vote for him will be rewarded by posterity.

  3. Bar. Neda Imasuen is tried and tested. He has proved to be a man for and of the people.
    Well breed individual with genuine care and concern for people. Access to him is made easy by his humble disposition.
    A vote for him is a vote for sanity in our system and hope for a better tomorrow.
    Stand by this man of destiny!

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