By Ahmed Rufa’i, Dutse

Angry youths who are alleged to be members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Jigawa state have disrupted the launch of an empowerment programme by the party’s national youth leader, Mr Dayo Abdullah Isreal in Dutse, the state capital.

It was gathered that the angry youths who were at the venue for the event that was to be inaugurated by the national youth leader at the Manpower Development Institute in the heart of the city were provoked by the list of beneficiaries of the empowerment
allegedly submitted by the APC national financial secretary, Mr Bashir Usman Gumel, an indigene of the state.

It was further learnt that the programme was going smoothly from the begining, untill its was the turn of the national financial secretary, Mr Usman Gumel to speak when the angry youths booed and shouted him down saying, “Bamayi, Karyane, Zauna” meaning ‘we don’t want to hear you speak, you are a liar, you are a bad representative from the state.’

Efforts to calm the angry youths did not help the situation as the financial secretary was sneaked out of the venue of the programme.

One of the youths who spoke on condition of anonymity indicated that the youth in the party are not happy with the segregation being exhibited by the national officer on any benefits from the party’s national headquarters.

The youths alleged that Usman has never brought anything from the National office, adding that now that something has come from the National headquarters he has come to give them to his cronies who do not deserve them.
“We that are genuine members that have been working for the party everyday are not being considered.
He condemned the negative tendencies of the financial secretary, saying that he is sabortaging the party in the state.

When contacted the APC national financial secretary, Gumel confirmed the incident, saying “yes it happened, I can’t deny it”.

Gumel explained it is not something to be worried about because it is a few persons with personal grievances that carried out the revolt”.

“You heard it yourselves, they are saying we gave the empowerment materials to some persons leaving them out. It is not possible to give to everybody at the same time. It is not possible, I’m not God. It is only God that can give to everyone at the same time”.

He added “My joy is that they said it themselves that I have given to some. If they exercise patience it will come to their turn. All will get the empowerment, is a journey of years”.

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