***Urges Presidential candidates to call supporters to order

As the 2023 general election draws closer, the Nigerian Global Roundtable an NGO Think-Tank has expressed utmost concern over the radicalisation of the Nigerian political space by political actors and their parties.
A statement by its chairman Edobor and General secretary Dr. Remi Alao asked the presidential candidates of the various political parties to urge their supporters to desist from threatening violence to dissenting voices and supporters of the opposition parties.

“That presidential candidates have a responsibility to ask their supporters to desist from online bullying and violent verbal exchange between their supporters.

“That presidential candidates have a responsibility to ask their supporters to desist from all actions that could raise anxiety that could culminate in electoral violence during the campaigns.

“We therefore wish to call on all political parties, candidates, their supporters, the media and the Authorities to respect the rules and additionally ensure that election campaigns are a competition of ideas and political parties with different manifestoes are part of a democratic system in selecting a new leader.

The statement demanded that politicians should focus on what they intend to do for Nigeria and not in the slandering or attacking of their rivals.

It added that the bill boards of opponents are legitimate ways of communication and that those of opponents should not be destroyed.

“That the terms of the Peace Accord signed by the presidential candidates be monitored and adhered to.”

The statement further encouraged Nigerians to actively participate in the coming elections and vote according to their conscience.

To ensure they elect credible, competent and capable leaders the statement urged them to consider integrity, competence and zero tolerance towards corruption.

“That INEC avoids bottlenecks for all Nigerians that are yet to collect their voters’ cards to enable all willing Nigerians to freely exercise their franchise.”

It also urged INEC to conduct its activities in a manner as to guarantee a fair and credible election and all Politicians and their supporters to be civil in their campaigns. 

“They should eschew lies and propaganda, show dignity and advise their supporters to embrace peace. Their campaign should be issue based.

“That Irrespective of ownership structure of the media houses, the media should be ethical enough to advise politicians to remain on the subject of their manifestation not blackmail opposition or slander others.

“That the electronic transmission of our election voting results is the law of the land, and its legitimacy was affirmed by the Nigerian apex court. “Therefore, no political party should truncate the established law by blackmail, extortion, and or intimidation of the INEC staff.

The group sympathised with all the victims of the current floods throughout Nigeria and urge the Nigerian government to create a relief fund to assist them. 

“We also urge the Nigerian government to prioritize the completion of the Dasin Hausa Dam as the counterpart to the Lagdo Dam in northern Cameroon to avert the reoccurrence of this flood disaster in the future. 

“We also urge state governments to embark upon enduring drainage systems/projects in their respective states, as the next rainy season is only a few months away from the current one.”

The Nigerian Global Roundtable, is an NGO Think-Tank aimed at pursuing good governance and accountability and facilitating the economic empowerment and overall development of Nigeria and Africa at large. 

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