***Nigerians will reject their candidate at the polls

The Labour Party on Saturday described the Fitch Solutions Country Risk and Industry Research report released on Thursday which predicted victory for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, in the 2023 presidential election as a testament APC ran Nigeria aground
The National Publicity secretary of the Labour Party Comrade Arabambi Abayomi while reacting to the report said beyond the Purported Phantom rating, the report clearly showed that the APC Candidate can not win by popular votes
He said there is a clear evidence that, the woeful performance of Buhari’s led Administration is a pointer to the fact that Nigerians are fed up with the APC led Government hence will not dignify it with a return for third time by voting for it’s already discredited Candidate whose source of wealth and origin is still a mystery.

According to Arabambi, the Iragbiji man from Osun state who could not save his Cousin from the defeat by a more cerebral Dancing Senator Ademola Adeleke is a spent force that can not match the Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

He said it is no longer in doubt that, the APC is not bold enough to Campaign on the Voodoos success of Buhari and has now resulted to campaigning with media hyped success of over Sixteen years ago. the nation has moved on.’ he added

Comrade Arabambi said the APC’s Candidate is reaping and campaining with the success of the Likes Of Lateef Jakande who within four years made his mark( may God Rest his soul)

Nonetheless, Comrade Arabambi added that the predicted revolt if Tinubu wins is a warning to the Desperados in Politics, the Hawks and hyenas who have milked Nigerians dry and are warming up to send the Nations into more years of Mysteries perpetrated by Vagabonds in power.

The ‘Emilokan’ whose only claim to the throne is the principles of ‘turn by turn, the continuation of the old order, Same of the dame same of, apologies to JIMMY Agbaje.

Comrade Arabambi however warned the Emilokan family not to throw the Nation into another turmoil by the recurring attacks on Opposition in Delta and Lagos States.
“The hard earned Democracy, accordingly must just be cherished and protected.
“The issues of Muslim-Muslim ticket for him is self inflicted and will continue to hunt the party right to the poll.”

He said this is an indication that the party cannot and should not be trusted with the unity of this country

He said the Labour Party Candidate, Peter Obi will win the Presidential Election with wide Margin because the masses are tired with this Government and the Characters who have failed in various promises of change.
He said, Nigerians are now wiser, though rather late to understand the slogan of Nigeria From Top to Bottom.

“The Buhari Administration should now as a matter of urgency prepare his hand over note to Mr Peter Gregory Obi as it’s obvious by the Fitch rating that Nigeria will disintegrate with his party victory at the presidential polls.”

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