All is now set for the Africa Trade Consortium (ATC) to roll out the first edition of an annual forum it is organising that will be hosted at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria from October 21 – 22.

The forum which is expected to attract more than one thousand participants within and outside Nigeria will be held under the Theme “Africa Round Table for Promoting investments and Trade Relations, Long Lasting Business Cooperation within the Continent.”
According to the organizers, the event’s key participants will include the Vice President of Nigeria, Governors, President of World Trade Organization, Africa Development Bank, Term President of the African Union, Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), AUC Commissioners, AfCFTA Secretary General, Africa Development Bank (AfDB), and Afreximbank.
The forum which also is mainly aimed at promoting Africa investments through analyzing trade and economic relations between Africa and the rest of the world, the organizers said will evaluate the rest of the world’s approach to investment in Africa, facilitate interaction between nation and business communities and initiate dialogue between investors.

Expected attendees will include government officials, mass media, NGOs, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Business Councils, Associations, professional organizations and entrepreneurs from within the continent, regional and international Banks, and African Diplomatic Missions in Nigeria.

The forum will also highlight the expectations engendered by Agenda 2063 as a program for social, economic and political transformation that will make Africa a prosperous, united and economically independent continent.

About ATC

The ATC is a private sector led initiative and is the first of its kind in Africa and Nigeria, and positioned to be the largest commercial one-stop hub to talk trade.

It will help inline with the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) to solve the buddle and bottle neck in boarders and daily trade movement in the continent, from import to

“Over the years we as a continent have suffered in these areas and still haven’t gotten a better platform to tackle this long lasting issues,” said ATC in a press release.

“Our ultimate goal is to unlock the vast potentials of agricultural value chains through partnerships and synergy with like-minded enterprises, organizations and institutions throughout the world; to mutually create wealth, generate local employment and contribute significantly to the economic growth of Africa/Nigeria and its GDP.”

“The forum will be an excellent opportunity to update the current relations among the business people of participating countries and set new targets for the further development of economic, commercial and business partnerships,” said ATC.

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