APC Alliance for Good Governance has raised concern over the intrigue being orchestrated by the PDP to install its stooges in the National Assembly for deep-seated corruption and looting.

To this end the group had expressed urgent national concern as they called for rectitude.
Assistant National Coordinator, of the group, Dr. Sani Abubakar Liman in a statement said the opposition party is using the tussle for the replacement of the outgoing Clerk of the National Assembly (CNA), Architect Olatunde Amos Ojo.
Speaking further he said the plan by the PDP is to precipitate a crisis that will torpedo age-long tradition of seniority in the appointment of functional officers for the Assembly.

“We are aware that a colossal amount of money running into billions of Naira has been earmarked to fight the battle with the Commissioners of the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) being targeted for bribe of N50million each.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Clerk, who is due to embark on mandatory pre-retirement leave on the 14th November 2022 on expiration of his tenure, is angling to remain until February 14, 2023 when he clocks 60 years of age as against the provision of extant rules.
“Reports reaching the APC Alliance for Good Governance has it that the outgoing CNA has as plan A his continued stay in office illegally, while pushing for Sani Tambuwal (Secretary of Finance and Account) as plan B to succeed him and ultimately position him for the ultimate PDP takeover of the Assembly.
According to the statement, Tambuwal is allegedly being sponsored by a current PDP Governor from Northwest, who happened to be a senatorial candidate targeting the office of Senate President, if he secures victory in 2023 election.

“This explains his desperation to buy all the commissioners at any cost to accomplish PDP underground plot to takeover National Assembly come 2023.

“We understand that three senior officers, Bashir Yero, the most senior, Sani Tambuwal, and Akabueze Chinedu, are the candidates screened by the NASC.

In addition to the PDP plot, one Atiku Ibrahim Tambuwal, a cousin to the Northwest Governor and a director in the National Assembly, is being programmed to take over as Secretary of Finance and Administration once Sani Tambuwal is erroneously moved to take over as CAN.

“This would mean that the Northwest Governor who is scheming to become the Senate President will be completely in charge of the National Assembly funds with his relatives in place.”

According to the statement, the APC-led National Assembly and its leadership are not sensitive enough to foil this backdoor power takeover plot by PDP using Ojo and Tambuwal to hatch the coup d’ etat.

It will be recalled that PDP appointed CNA – Maikasuwa was used to install PDP-backed Senator Bukola Saraki as the Senate President in the 8th Assembly, as against Senator Ahmad Lawal – APC’s choice.
“Former Speaker Hon. Yakubu Dogara emerged from same PDP alliance against Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, the choice of the APC leadership.
“One wonders why the current leadership of both chambers of National Assembly forget so soon what befell them in 2015, the humiliation of inability of ruling party to produce choice leadership.

“For fairness, posterity and in the best interest of APC, the leadership of National Assembly should insist that Commissioners and the Chairman of NASC do the right thing by following Civil Service due process of Career Path, progression, and seniority, instead of manipulated political appointments of Clerks and Secretaries as was done without due diligence but rather for the sake of Sani Omolori (former CNA) must go solidarity two years ago.

As they say in local adage ”what you sow, you shall reap”, Ojo who was the lead-advocate and beneficiary of Omolori must go then, does not want to retire as age cut-up with him, what an irony.

To further affirm why the commission must ensure fairness and transparency, the recently concluded screening of management and senior staff of National Assembly by the Commission in October 2022 reveals that many of the Secretaries and Clerks, had in the time past skipped promotion processes to become director in their various departments and directorates, which is contrary to the civil service provision.

“Amazingly, some of the top contenders for the office of CNA are products of this questionable promotions skipping.

“For the sake of Commission’s institutional reputation and integrity of Commissioners and the Chairman, statutory processes should be allowed to take its natural course, and history will continue to remember the current commission’s administration for good.

For the avoidance of doubt, the APC Alliance for Good Governance is not interested in taking sides but will always insist on due process and that the most senior and qualified candidate be appointed without further delay.

As the records show, the and the facts and should act accordingly and without further delay.

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