The wife of the Vice President Dalapo Osinbajo has underscored the need for quality education that goes beyond the classroom work, to grooming the younger generation on the culture of how to live.
Mrs Osinbajo indicated that education is not only to have the degrees; first degree, masters and doctorate but to be that person who is kind, who is caring, and who is dependable.
Speaking yesterday at a talk show at the Aretean School in Abuja, where she was a guest, Mrs Osinbajo said there is nothing more precious than children adding that when properly groomed they will become tomorrow leaders.
“I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to read from any speech I was going to speak from my heart. There is nothing more precious than children and so these children in 10 to 20 years time just like they sang in the school song that they are shinning stars, they are shining stars now and  they will continue to shine 
“Why I am particularly touched and moved to be here is because of the need for education that is being met
“The Aretean has shown that education goes beyond English and Mathematics and Science education, it is more than what you know, education is how to live and so I trust and believe that in this place not only the students but also the teachers and the staff will imbibe  honesty, loyalty, integrity, hardwork, Godliness, goodness, kindness, courtesy and all those things that underguard every good thing that are required in the society and for.
“The second reason is because education is not only to have the degrees; the first degree, masters and the doctorate but to be that person who is kind, who is caring, and who is dependable, this is true education.
“The other reason I like to be here is because every person is precious, if only we knew they lied to us when they told us we are not good enough, when they told us we can’t make it, when they told us we can’t make it, when they told us who ever did good in your background when they told us we couldn’t do it. 
“But I have come to tell you today that you will, you can and you are shinning stars. All the things that they have spoken about me, I used to go to some  difficult places in Lagos and speak to those who have left home that they are precious people. 
“They really are. It is just that they have lived a life with the believe that no one will ever love you, you can never make it, the only message I took to them was the message of Love. That is what I bring to you today. You will make it beyond your widest immagination.”

Meanwhile, the pupils of the Aretean School, Garki Abuja paid glowing tribute to Mrs Osinbajo, in their welcome message to the august visitor.

According to the pupils they said her birth and early childhood with Chief Obafemi Awolowo, one of the most celebrated politicians in the history of Nigeria made her learn so much about focus, humility and sacrifice for humanity. 

“As a result of this experience, she grew up to become a celebrated humanitarian we all love today. 

“Mrs. Osinbajo is the founder of 16 different Non-Governmental Organizations which she has used to touch the lives of many women and young children. One of her most celebrated works was her engagement and active participation towards the emancipation of many “street boys” in a notorious part of Lagos. 

Her encounter with these children was chronicled in her famous book, “They call me Mama”, adding that Mrs. Osinbajo is also the Executive Director and founder of ‘Women’s Helping Hand Initiative’, a vocal organisation on women’s rights.

“The organisation, which was founded in 2006, has greatly imparted the lives of women in the areas of empowerment, mentoring, equality in the society, aids and rehabilitation. 

According to them, in 2007, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo teamed up with her husband, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, to set up Orderly Society Trust “to provide better education for children in public schools as well as to promote initiatives that support the rule of law; transparency and sccountability; patriotism and respect for civic obligation and etiquette”. 

The pupils described her as “a benevolent philanthropist, an excellent leader, an outstanding woman of excellence, a subtle yet resounding voice of change and a mother to humanity”.

Proprietress of ARETEAN School, Mrs Uloma Rochas Nwosu while expressing her appreciation to Mrs. Osinbajo said the idea behind the school is the recognition of the increasing gap between Nigerian leadership and its people and the increasing lack of confidence between them because people constantly seeking better education outside the shores of this great nation.

“So, we decided to create a very comfortable environment that encourages our children to come back here and seek education so that they can imbibe our culture, foster the idea of patriotism, (love of country) to breed better leaders that understand our people.

“Once we provide that we will have better leaders for the country. If you look at the western world like the USA, UK, etc these people stay in their countries, educate themselves for their content. 

“As Nigerians, we seek education elsewhere. So, there is a disconnect. The idea of Aretean is to breed  scholars that will lead the country in the future. That is why we pride ourselves as the emerging IV Living school that tends to train the next generation of leaders.

She expressed the hope that in the next five, ten years the Aretean will grow in numbers hoped to have their secondary section;.

“We intend to affiliate with very top universities here in Nigeria. It is beyond academics; it’s about culture of tolerance, respect for others.

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