A group, Ethnic Youth Leaders Council of Nigeria (EYLCN) has called for the impeachment of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi GbajGbajabiamila for leading other lawmakers to oppose the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cash withdrawal policy.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja Friday on the Central Bank of Nigeria cash withdrawal policy and the resolution of the House of Representatives to oppose the policy, Peter Secretary of EYLCN Peter Abang said they have “uncovered a well-oiled plot to discredit the cash withdrawal limit by politicians with stolen funds in their possession”.

They accused politicians of plot to attack and undermine President Muhammadu Buhari and the government’s policy on cash withdrawal limit.

“Information in our custody is that these enemies of state have pooled over $5 million with which they hope to launch an onslaught against the policy beginning from next week.
“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that these men already have an ally in Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila of the House of Representatives and his caucus in the House have disappointedly joined hands to ensure that for primordial political and pecuniary interests, a policy which will really benefit our country is killed, in utter disregard to the oath of office they swore to make laws for the good governance of our country.

“It was in furtherance of this plot and in alliance with anti-people politicians that Speaker Gbajabiamila steered the House on Thursday to resolve to oppose the cash withdrawal policy even without an engagement with the Central Bank or without hearing from the bank or even asking the bank for answers to their fears.

“Nigerians will also recall there were surreptitious moves by the same Speaker of the House in sponsoring an amendment to the Currency Decimal Act and the Central Bank Act all in a bid to stop the Naira redesign policy.

“It all seems Speaker” Femi Gbajabiamila has something against Nigerians and we call him out today to explain what his grievances are.

They described the action of the House of Representatives as illegal, abuse of office and the height of legislative rascality.

They wondered how the speaker could use public office specifically to work against the people who elected him into such office?

“This calls for a thorough investigation into the mandate on which these men are standing because if they are not afraid of the people who are expected to vote them back into office, then they know they do not rely on the votes of the people to get into office.

“It was on this basis that our affiliate member, the Oduduwa Youth Movement has disowned the Speaker and questioned his true heritage on the basis that it was not Yorubalike for a man to cut his nose just to spite his face.

“We therefore challenge all men of goodwill to engage the phones and constituency office of the Speaker and his known allies to back off from this agenda.
“We also call on all patriotic House members to withdraw any form of allegiance they have to the Speaker and stand against him on this ride to Ga-Ga land he has commenced.
“We therefore call on patriotic members of the House and all loyalists of President Muhammadu Buhari who are in the majority in the House to commence immediate impeachment proceedings against the Speaker for abusing his office and endangering the lives of Nigerians and our national security.

“If we may ask, does Gbajabiamila not know that the volume of cash in circulation is too much and has occasioned inflation?
“Does Speaker Gbajabiamila not know that kidnappers and bandits demand huge sums because people can easily access this sums?
“Does Speaker Gbajabiamila not know that vote buyers and election riggers will be put out of business for next years election if this policy is implemented?
“Does Speaker Gbajabiamila not know that when the oil subsidy is withdrawn next year government will have more funds and if this policy were not on ground corrupt people will loot the money?
“Does Speaker Gbajabiamila not know that money going majorly through electronic means will help our anti-corruption agencies to follow the money?

*The questions are legion! Yet Speaker Gbajabiamila is blindly leading our country down the abyss.

“It has become obvious that Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila is unfit to continue in office as the Speaker of the house of Representatives for abuse of office and risking the future of our great country on the altar of pecuniary and pseudo political benefits.

They commended the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria on the economic breakthrough policy and urge him to stand firm against the enemies who cannot come out before the Nigerian people to defend their actions.

“Therefore, we call on Speaker Gbajabiamila to retrace his steps now before he pushes Nigeria over the cliff and reverse the resolution made yesterday by the House.

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