The newly appointed director-general of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council Akin Osuntokun has indicated that Nigerians have placed their hope of a better nation in the Labour Party’s (LP) Presidential Candidate Peter Obi.

This he said is the reason LP candidate has become the toast of Nigerians as evident in the teeming organic support his emergence has been recieving across the country. 

Osuntokun spoke when he accepted his appointment as the new director general of the Obi/Datti Compaign Council on Thursday.

Following the voluntary resignation of its former presidential campaign council director general Dr. Doyin Okupe, the Obi/Datti campaign organization had appointed Akin Osuntokun as his replacement.

Okupe had tendered his resignation after he was convicted for breaching the money laundering act by federal high court in Abuja.

He was found guilty of 26 out of a 59-count charge preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

The Labour Party as well as its Presidential candidate Peter Obi had accepted his resignation.

Osuntokun on Thursday while declaring that he has accepted the appointment said,

“It is with deep sense of duty and humility that I accept my appointment as the Director General of Obi-Datti

Presidential Campaign Council, especially at this critical point of Nigeria’s political history.

“Every ardent observer of the Nigerian political space and recent trend of events will attest to the teeming organic 

support the emergence of His Excellency, Peter Obi as the presidential candidate of the Labour Party has received 

across the country. 

“This is undeniably a pointer to the fact that Nigerians have anchored their hope on the ensuing victory of Peter Obi in the coming 2023 presidential election. 

“My team and I hereby promise to work assiduously hard to ensure victory for the Obi-Datti ticket come February 2023.

“We are not oblivious of the magnitude of work required of us to deliver on the promise so declared. 

“We are braced for it, and equally find solace in divine guidance, the counsel of our elders, and the unflinching support of well meaning Nigerians that are eager to see the Nigerian socioeconomic status quo upturned, and our beloved country progress like other progressing countries all over the world. 

“I am confident that under my leadership, the campaign 

will excel. Challenges will surely come, but we will surmount them as one united family.

He urged supporters of the party across the country and in the diaspora never to relent, but to continue with their amiable support at different levels, in different quarters, and through their respective approaches. 

“The race has not ended, the finish-line is in sight, and the prize is assured. We shall be victorious, and we shall celebrate!”

He expressed appreciation for the trust reposed in him by the leadership of Labour Party and the advisory body of Obi-Datti presidential campaign to steer the ship even as it sails through stormy political waters in Nigeria. He expressed the optimism that the party will be victorious

“The campaign promises to continue the tradition of engaging with politics devoid of acrimony, and to always push the boundaries of issue-based campaign as we lead the advent of a new Nigerian political terrain.”

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