In the last few days, the Tinubu/APC media apparitchik has bared its fangs against a section of the Nigerian media, particularly Thisday Newspapers and Arise Television, two media outfits that have contributed greatly to the growth and functionality of the Nigerian Media.

The attack against these media can be understood and contextualised. It is obvious that they have refused to worship at the altar of Bourdilon, where souls are shelved on the temple of mammon and traded off as a commodity. It can also be understood that just like Abiola’s campaign theme was plagiarised by the APC, the APC media is under the illusion that the manipulation of 2014/2015 could be re-enacted, hoodwinking Nigerians again into another tantalising political mirage. Nigerians are much wiser now.

It was possible in 2015 to say a NEPA bill could be accepted in lieu of a WAEC certificate, but in 2022, Nigerians want to see the Chicago certificates,the Ibadan Grammar School Certificate, the birth certificate, the certificate of origin and other credible evidence of long touted claims. Nigerians will not accept claims to innocence of a crime where evidence of forfeiture and other penalties abound.

One can feel the frustration of the handlers of Tinubu/APC media. They wish that the inglorious past of their flag bearer could be off record. Unfortunately for them this is the age of information in which the world is truly a global village. The crime that the Arise broadcaters have committed is their reportage of news as they break. The response of the crippled defenders is name-calling, intimidation and harassment, forgetting that even their own media have become their albatross. To be sure, the famous blu balabu and balablue rendition of Tinubu was covered live by his own medium. Why has his own TV not been closed down?

The media is like a mirror. There are days you could see yourself in the mirror and you are happy. On a few other instances you may look ugly, but that won’t make you break your mirror. It is in fact an opportunity to improve your looks. It is too late to brow-beat and attempt to cow the media.

The legacies of the founders of Nigeria and the crusaders for Nigeria’s independence are still evident till today. These Nationalists used the media to secure freedom for Nigeria. The managers of APC media, who rode to power on the wings of popular media, albeit grossly unprepared, now want to stiffle the same voices that heralded them to the throne. The Nigerian media is neither a parastatal in Lagos State, where Tinubu has the power to hire and fire, nor a chieftaincy district in his fiefdom, where traditional rulers could be dethroned.

Many political and public officers have come under the intensive scrutiny of the media. His Excellency, Atiku has been called names and has been battered on end by the media, but he takes it in his stride. He understands plurality. He understands roles and responsibilities in a democratic environment. He understands freedom. The APC and its flag bearer need to appreciate and embrace media culture and press freedom.

Even Osinbajo who as Vice President came into National limelight with a supposedly high degree of political innocence has had a fair share of media enquiry, how then does Tinubu, who has tonnes of political and social baggage think he can escape the prying binoculars of media scrutiny. The media is like the sun. You may hide under some shade to escape the rays of the sun, but you can’t stop the sun from shining everywhere.

The situation of the APC media handlers is pitiable. It is not easy to market a bad product. It is even far more difficult to manage two bad products. The APC media team have become quiet, unimaginative and uninspiring. Little wonder the resort to combative engagements. The lamentable situation of the media mamagers can be better understood if situated within the traditional media of pounded yam sellers, who in advertising their product call on buyers with the refrain, ‘E wo’ju obe, e mu’yan’ ( Let the allures of an attractive soup persuade you to eat pounded yam).With the huge deficiencies in APC’s atrocious products, where is the attraction to the Party and its flag bearer? The days of deception are over. It is day break in Nigeria.

The candidate of the PDP and the Party believe in press freedom even where it hurts its interest. The PDP believes in the right and freedom of Nigerians. The PDP remains open, accountable and democratic.

God bless Nigeria

Senator Dino Melaye. Spokesperson and Director Public Affairs PDP Presidential Campaign Management Committee

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