The Coalition of United Political Parties, (CUPP) has described the attack and arson against the country home of Chief Barrister Ikenga Ugochinyere, the spoke person of the CUPP in Imo State on Saturday by some unknown gun men as barbaric and a show of cowardice.
National Secretary, CUPP, High Chief Peter Ojonugwa Ameh in a statement issued in Abuja said it is one attack too many sponsored against the person of Ugochinyere in a bid to silence his voice and stance on critical national issues, more particularly on democracy and the forthcoming 2023 general election.

“This attack as disguised as it is, points hand however to some well known anti democratic forces within the country and their arrow head in Imo State.
“It is more worrisome that such a mindless attack is coming at a time that the whole world has moved to an era of politics of engagement and contest of ideas, that some supposed leaders and their minions will descend so low to the point of bringing such a homongous magnitude of destruction of properties to an individual just for the single reason that he holds a different political beliefs and stance from theirs is hugely unfortunate, sad and unfathomable.

The CUPP scribe said he condemn the act on behalf of the leadership of CUPP adding that all persons of good will, conscience and Patriots in Nigeria should also condemn the attack in all of its ramifications.
He also charged the security agencies to rise to the occasion to fish out the perpetrators of this dastardly acts.

“We call on the government of President Muhammad Buhari, the Inspector General of Police and other relevant persons to ensure that nothing is left undone in their efforts to unravel the doers of these grave evil.

“I empathize with Chief Barrister Ikenga Ugochinyere, and members of his household who are gravely affected by this callous and unreasonable act and admonish them to take solace in the fact that they suffered the attack on accounts of their stance with truth and democracy, knowing too well that the triumph of evil over good can only be temporary.”

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