The incoming APC Federal Government will provide the much needed unity, peace and prosperity in the country with the election of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed as the next President of the country, Senator Abu Ibrahim representing Katsina South in the red Chamber, has assured Nigerians.

Senator Abu Ibrahim, a fourth time legislator who spoke in Abuja on Thursday, said he believes strongly that God was behind the election of Bola Tinubu 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria.
He explained that prior to Presidential election several allegations and strident rumours of ill health were levelled against Tinubu right from his consultations with APC stake holders up to the party’s Primary election and the February 2023 Presidential election.
“Yet, he survived all the challenges thrown at him and was overwhelmingly elected by majority of Nigerians to govern this complex country as from May 29th, 2023.”
According to Abu Ibrahim, “The issue of his rumoured ill health can be described as normal lies by some politicians to run down their opponents in order to gain electoral advantage.
However Tinubu’s ambition to contest the country’s highest office of President was deliberately and vehemently attacked by his opponents who tried all available methods to destroy his credibility, popularity and acceptability.”
He pointed out, “But Asiwaju Tinubu is a very strong person as he was able to overcome all those challenges. As a matter of fact, there was no other presidential candidate that went around the country like him. Purposely for stakeholder’s consultations. He equally presented himself for an open, competitive, and transparent Party Primary Election, which he won outrightly. He also conducted a very rigorous two months political party campaign throughout the length and breath of Nigeria without any incident or negative evidence of his rumored ill-health.
“I believe, therefore, that God will continue to protect and provide him the strong and good health to carry out his presidential assignment successfully.”
Senator Ibrahim, a long-standing friend of Tinubu, expressed his gratitude to God for the peaceful conduct of 2023 Presidential and National Assembly as well as Governorship and States Assembly elections through out the country.
In his opinion, “Of course there were hitches here and there but that is normal during elections all over the world. The success stories of this year’s election has been largely due to the introduction of BVAS and other technological equipments that were deployed by INEC during the elections.
“This has largely contributed to the improvement in our electoral exercise where rigging has been reduced to the bearest minimum level.
He maintained, however, that in some States like Kano,, there were reported cases of electoral violence. “For me,people should start to understand that in every election, some body would have to win while others would loose. But by loosing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have been cheated. It means you have to work harder the next time.”
The Katsina born former Senator is hopeful that the new elected leaders will do their best to work hard, by doing justice and enforcing probity and accountability in whatever they do while in office.
He advised that from the first day they assumed office, all the newly elected leaders should be reminded that they are coming back to face the same people again. That means they should work harder, to be honest, dedicated to their duties and to do the right thing always.”
Senator Ibrahim believes strongly that Nigeria is being handed over to Asiwaju BolaTinubu by God and the same God would continue to help the President elect, energize him with wisdom and good health to carry out the necessary Presidential assignmen for a united, peaceful and prosperous country.

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