***Insist Abure remains National chairman

28 state chairmen of Labour Party yesterday took over the national secretariat of the party in Utako Abuja with the message that their national chairman remains Barister Julius Abure
Abure in a statement on Thursday had claimed that National Headquarters of Labour Party was under attack, as a detachment of Nigeria Police Force and thugs believed to be working for All Progressives Congress (APC) invaded the place
He claimed in a statement that fences, burglaries, doors and windows to the secretariat were vandalised, adding that workers and stalwarts were chased away.

A faction of the Party led By Bashir Apapa, a former National publicity secretary, Abayomi Arambabi had taken over the party secretariat on Thursday before a detachment of police took over the secretariat.
However, 28 chairmen of the party led by their spokesperson High Chief Kehinde Rotimi stormed the secretariat and forcefully reclaimed it
Addressing news men at the secretariat, Rotimi indicated that some hours earlier, “We were amazed at the report that hoodlums and thugs invaded our party secretariat at Utako, that is why we came.
“They destroyed properties, carted away our documents, committed all sorts of atrocities that are not in tandem with the rule of law
“We were told that they went to court and took a particular order but they did not wait for the court to determine whatever motion of notice, they took laws into their hands to come and destroy our Secretariat
“That is why we as very important organ of NEC, the council of chairmen in the party which constitute NEC along with the members of our party have decided to come here to do an on the sport assessment and on getting here we discovered that these sets of hoodlums, some of them have been suspended and are no more members of our party.
“Some of them sold our party to other political parties. The party is still investigating to see that they have violated our rights as a political party and they have gone all around to intimidate us with security agencies.
“We are saying it that we can not be intimidated, we can not be cowed. Labour Party has come to stay in Nigeria, we want to advice all political parties to allow us, leave us alone.
“We want to tell all the security agencies not to turn to political party members, because the police are not party members so they should do what is right according to the rule of law.
“You can not be a judge in your own case. They want to be judges in their own case by taking the law in to their own hands and that is why we are here with our entire members from all over the country to counter this obnoxious and evil move to derailed us from pursuing the mandate that Nigerians have given to us. “Nigerians gave us their mandate on the 25th of February 2023 and on that mandate we stand. That is why we believe in the rule of law and that is why we have gone to the tribunal.
“Instead of creating diversion and division in our party we will not agree. That is why we are telling the whole world we have began the legal process on this evil and barbaric act.”

Labour Party chairman for Enugu StateBarr. Cashmir Uchenna Agbo said what is happening here is very unfortunate because Labour Party is a party of rule of law.
He said, “Our principal has maintained that we must be guided by the Constitutional provisions and the laws of this land and and the party.

“It is very unfortunate that those who have ran this party for many years are doing act of Brigandage and criminality in terms of enforcing their own right.

“The position of the party and the mechanism in the resolution of crises is very clear, in the constitution, you have to exhaust that mechanism in court. You go to court and obtain Court order and you want to enforce that order by yourself.

It is very unfortunate that because there are frivolous provision of the Act.

“What am saying I’m effect is this that they mixed criminality with civil process and the court that gave them that order ereednin law because there are plethora of such cases that once you have element of criminality in any motion, you just put the other party in notice, so that he could be heard.
“You cannot shave a man’s head in his absence. You have done this to this party, we are referring to a party in particular in this country on the country that is known for criminality and brigandage. And that is APC
He advised APC to leave the party alone, “we won this election free and fair by Peter Obi.
“We are challenging the outcome by INEC I court. They should allow the Court Process to finish,
What they are doing is to enforce their will and distract labour party nation wide and withdraw the case in court.
“On this note we are saying that Julius Abure is the authentic Chairman of Labour Party in Nigeria. And there is no body except NEC that can remove Abure.”

Chairman, Edo State LP Ogbaloi kelly on his part said

“I am here to say that,the NWC is a subordinate organ to the NEC of the party therefore, when a faction of it is coming here to take laws into its hands it’s becomes a total nullity.
“When those who are taking this action are members of the party who have since been suspended by the party, and as at the time they took this action, the suspension had not been lifted and therefore, we are saying here that the 36 chairman around the states have come to take their possession.
“This miscreants led by Apapa to this place are not people who have authority to control this matter but this detachment here has the authority in law to be in charge of the party and we affirm that Comrade Barr Julius Abure, is the part chairman and it remains so.
“NLC as of today has confirmed that I’m their communications and so we have come here to tell the people of the world that the action of this faction, is a total nullity and should disregarded because the action does not follow the content of the rules and constitution of the Labour Party.

“We have 28 chairmen here now. Anambra, Edo, Ekiti, Sokoto, Kaduna, Kano, Kogi, Ebonyi, Delta, Kwara, Benue, Ondo, Nasarawa.

The DPO Utako Gregory Victor said the police took over the secretariat to prevent the breakdown of law and order.
He blamed the party chairmen for coming to take over in a commando style adding that if his men were not on ground and there was lawlessness how would they have been able to take over.

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