By Ahmed Rufa’i, Dutse

The Non State Actors Consultative Forum (NOSACOF) a non governmental organization has condemned agitations for interim government in the country by some faceless individuals

A press statement that was made available to the National Update in Dutse by the lead convener of the forum comrade Abdulrazaq Alqali, described the agitation as unpatriotic agenda being propelled by selfish interests of some losers of 2023 general elections.

The statement called on all well-meaning Nigerians to stand firm for continuity of the nascent democracy by putting national unity and security first.

Comrade Alqali maintained that it is a common behavior of politicians after any election, the losers and winners get involved in media spats and rhetoric’s as well as media attacks and counterattacks regarding the conduct of the election

He added that “Nigeria is above any individual or group of people with selfish agenda against the democratic values of our dear country by exploiting religious and tribal lines and making remarks targeted at jeopardizing the national unity and security of the country”.

The statement condemned the recent remarks by the Labour Party vice president candidate Dr Yusuf Datti Ahmad on a National TV, asking the President and Chief Judge of Nigeria (CJN) to truncate the victory of a valid electoral winner (in Mr Bola Ahmad Tinubu).

According to the statement, these deliberate remarks and comments from Yusuf Datti are extremely dangerous and treasonable, which every well-meaning Nigerian need to condemn with the strongest voice.

“These sorts of unpatriotic actions are beyond common politics, and it is very important that Nigerians rise up and condemn such actors and their plans by upholding our democratic values and rule of law.
“Any politician who feel aggrieved by the electoral process should follow the constitutional means and seek redress in the courts and at election tribunals”.

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