The traditional ruler of Aghara, Kabba-Bunu local government area of Kogi State, Chief David Obadofin, has died in the den of his abductors after 12 days hostage.
The royal father was overwhelmed by the torture inflicted on him by his captors as he passed on last Thursday
Meanwhile Temidayo Elewa, who was abducted along with him has been set free.

Temidayo’s point of entry to freedom was Obajana, the cement town in Lokoja LGA, from where family members picked her on Saturday morning, straight for medical attention at an undisclosed hospital.
A source involved in the negotiation for their release confirmed these to newsmen on Sunday.

It was gathered that when the abductors noticed that Pa. Obadofin was becoming too weak, they agreed to collect M2,000,000 for release of the two victims and started mounting pressure for the payment.
Meanwhile, they blindfolded Temidayo and separated her to a different location. Unfortunately, the monarch died before ransom could be delivered.

For fear of the advance of a search group, made up of hunters, vigilantes and some Fulani volunteers, the gunmen set Temidayo free.

She allegedly roamed the jungle alone from Thursday to Friday. After many hours she met a sawing machine operator, who eventually led her to freedom.

Claims that the search party nabbed one of the suspects who has allegedly helped in efforts to recover Pa Obadofin’s corpse could not be confirmed.

“We have seen the lady and taken her to hospital. We picked her up in a village behind Obajana. As for Baba, we know he is dead but we are still combing the jungle for his remains.

“We will not let go because we are confident that God will guide our efforts to the root of this disaster. We will not let go or give up,” an anonymous source involved in the operations said.

Obadofin, a major cashew farmer, and Temidayo were abducted on Easter Monday from his farm residence in Aghara at about 11pm. The gunmen shot madam Toyin Onare, a widow who was in the farm as a labourer.

Toyin was rushed to hospital in Kabba, headquarter of the LGA, about 35 minutes drive away. Unfortunately, she was confirmed dead on arrival.

There were concerns about the monarch’s chances of survival as he was said to be on medication for age related diseases aside the trauma and rough treatment he received from the gunmen. Kogi police command confirmed the attack.

The gunmen made contact the following day, demanding for N60,000,000 ransom. The late chief allegedly said the gunmen fed them with roasted yam.

“This is a terrible situation. Fulani herdsmen have long surrounded us. We raised alarm when they started coming, but our concerns were ignored. Now we are seeing the result. This is unfortunate. Government should quickly come to our rescue,” an anonymous source said.

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