***Says he can not speak for the party

The Labour party on Sunday issued a disclaimer on its expelled former National Youth Leeader Anselem Eragbe who it alleges has continued to issue fake statements in the name of the Party after he had been expelled by the party

The Acting National Publicity Secretaty of Labour Party Obiora Ifoh indicated that the party is aware of series of letters emanating from the former National Youth Leader, Anselem Eragbe addressed to different groups and media organisation wherein he has continued to unleash falsehood to Nigerians on the activities of the Labour Party. 

He accused the former youth Leader of working with the APC to scuttle the chances of the Labour Party candidate in reclaiming his mandate at the court

“We have it on good authority that Mr. Anselem Eragbe has been heavily compromised to work against the interest of the party in our efforts to reclaim the mandate given to the party at the last Presidential 

election wherein Nigerians freely made their choice on who presides over the affairs of this nation but was snatched by power hungry cabal, a development we are working tirelessly  to redress in the courts.

“In the last few days, Mr. Eragbe has churned out several press releases attacking the activities of the party particularly as it concerns the ongoing court cases, he and his gangs instituted against the party and some of our leaders. 

“It is really abnormal that he has resorted to self help instead of allowing the court to give judgement to the cases before it, he has continued to peddle spurious and unsubstantiated lies. 

“We sincerely believe that Anselem Eragbe is suffering from mental disorder because no sane person will throw the kind of lies he is throwing around. 

“For clarification, his allegation of forgery against the national chairman is already in the court and a date has been fixed for the determination of the matter, it therefore amounts to contempt of court to continue to peddle the lies while the matter is pending in the court. 

“If he is certain about his claims, he should wait, observe some restraints and prove his allegations in the court.

“We have also sighted the Police Report that he is claiming to have. It is quite amusing because the Police in the report clearly stated that it made the report without  hearing from the accused. 

“It also noted that it was done without legal advice and that no legal opinion has been sought. And that they should not be held liable for the content of the document. 

“It means that what they are parading is of no value because if a maker of a document is saying that he should not be held responsible on the content of the document, it means that the document is itself false. 

He said unknown to him and his cohorts the party has since  attended to the Police invitation.

“The former National Youth Leader has also claimed that the primary elections that produced our governorship candidates in Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa states are null and void. 

“These are some of the several lies they have continued to dish out to the public which we are calling on the members of the public to discountenance. 

“The names of our candidates are already submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and have been accorded official attention. Those in doubt should visit the Website of INEC as to who are members of the NWC.

“Their recent effort suggesting that Abure leadership has agreed to their proposal for out of court settlement is one other monumental lies they have pulled but fell flat on its face. 

“We are sounding it clear again that we are not interested in the out of court settlement. We would rather settle the case in the court once and for all. In that way, all the rodents that found their way into the party will be completely extinguished. 

“These men are agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and are not hiding it. In the primaries that held in Imo state, their group, heavily sponsored by the state government held and produced three different candidates for the purpose of contending with our candidate in the court. 

“As we speak, they are already approaching the courts to ensure that they make it difficult for our candidate to pursue the election unencumbered. But we are ready for them. These are men that are fighting to take over Labour Party. 

“Members of the public should therefore disregard any information that is emanating from Eragbe and his hireling  group. 

“We also urge journalists that are writing their stories to remember that the National Executive Committee, NEC of the Labour Party on April 18, decided their fate in the party and they have ceased from being members of the NWC of the party and therefore must at all times seek for news balancing before publishing their stories.”

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