***Says, Democracy would have come to an end in Nigeria

***Says it is Better INEC rigs FCT to shop for 6% to add to APC”s 19%

The vice presidential Candidate of the Labour party in the 2023 General election Baba Ahmed Datti has again dared the Nigerian government by insisting that swearing in the President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate Kashim Shettima would be the end of democracy for country

Recall, while speaking On March 22, 2023 on Politics Today, a Channels Television programme, Datti asked Olukayode Ariwoola, the chief justice of Nigeria (CJN), not to swear in Bola Tinubu as president.

The LP vice-presidential candidate said there is no president-elect because Tinubu did not allegedly meet the requirements of the constitution.
His statement drew the ire of the APC to the extent its presidential campaign council asked the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to penalise Channels Television over comments credited to him.
The Minister of Information and Culture Lai Muhammed had also declared that Datti had committed treason over the comment
However, at a Labour party event  “Good Governance Summit for All 2023 Labour Party Elected Candidates in Abuja on Thursday Datti said for the first time, Nigeria has come along with a constitutional breach.
“Never in the history of the fourth republic has there been any president-elect that could not even win 25% of the FCT. The constitution comes interpreted, and it is to be followed at operational times such as ongoing presidential elections.
“What happened then was outright criminality, outright unconstitutionality to issue a certificate of return to an individual who did not satisfy the constitutional requirements. “What is about to happen on the 29th of May is outright unconstitutionality.”
He said that going back to his earlier comments on the same subject, nothing has rattled the APC and the Tinubu group like a submission he made of a simple fact.
“That simple fact, swearing in an unconstitutionally qualified president-elect to serve as the president, commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is ending Democracy.

“It is within the rights of all Nigerian people to engage in constitutional and legal peaceful acts so that we protect the Nigerian constitution Nigeria is a nation because we have a constitution.
“Any president is a president because of the Constitution. When that constitution is violated, there is a question mark on that presidency, and there is a question mark on the office of the president.

“The office of the President is a political one. The office of Commander in the Chief Federal Republic of Nigeria is a professional one.
“We must not play with this office. No part of the Constitution is to be violated in order to carry out the duties of this exalted office, and this is what we are about to do.

“Going to the extreme end of profering electoral solution for APC and their apologists he said it is safer for Nigeria, it is safer for Democracy for them to go the same way they rigged other States and other figures, it is safer for us as a nation, they go and rig another 6% in the FCT and add it to themselves, since they have all the power and all the monies.
“It is better for them to do this before swearing in Alhaji Tinubu and Mallam Shettima. It is not too late. The INEC had always cooperated with them, it is madness, it is unconstitutional to swear in Alhaji Tinubu and Mallam Shettima as the results are today.
“Nigerians wake up, Nigeria is yours. You are your own international community. We Nigerians are our own international community. “Anything that we did not do, the world will sit and lament with us. We won this election. Peter Obi, LP, and my humble self won this election.
“Within one year from when Peter Obi exited the Old party and formed this movement, today it is barely one year and we defeated a total of 47years of presidential elections experience in that of Atiku Abubakar and Bola Ahmed Tinubu. From 1992 till date for Atiku Abubakar. From 2007 till date for Tinubu.
“This is not to say how famous Peter Obi is, this is to say how powerful the Nigerian people are if the Nigerian people are that powerful in one year defeat 47 years the Nigerian people are powerful enough to protect the Nigerian constitution.”
He said the judiciary is not the last hope for the common man saying that rather the common man is the last hope of the common man

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