**challenges him to make public his evidence
The Labour party has described as embarrassing allegation by its embattled former National publicity secretary, Mr Abayomi Arabambi of threats to his life by the Party’s presidential Flag bearer Peter Obi.
Arabambi who was former Personal Assistant to Labour Party National Chairman, Barr Julius Abure accused the party’s National Youth Leader Kennedy Ahanotu of sending the threat message to him under the directive of Peter Obi

In a statement jointly signed by the Party’s by National Secretary Alhaji Umar Farouk and the National Youth Leader Prince Kennedy Ahanotu respectively the party said ordinarily it would have ignored such unsubstantiated and unfounded accusations.
However, the statement said, “For the benefit of some members of the public especially the Nigerian Youths who do not know the character called Arabambi, a serial blackmailer who will stop at nothing to call out our leader at any given time we see such baseless attempt to defame our principal and that of our National Youth Leader as a last kick of a dying horse.
“Arabambi is well known with peddling of lies, propaganda and deceit, reasons why the party expelled him. Arabambi must be reminded that those who fetch ants infested firewood invite lizards to their abode.”

The statement recalled that recently Arabambi refered to noble Nigerians who believed that justice must prevail in the 2023 Presidential election Obi-idiots.
“Such description of hard working Nigerian youths is an invitation to self destruct. We have said it time without number that Peter Obi presidency is Nigerians project.

“We are however challenging Arabambi to make public the said conversation he had with our National Youth Leader to prove the allegation of threat to life from our leaders.
“We want to restate that neither His Excellency Peter Obi nor any other person from Labour Party has or will ever contemplate to influence or stimulate any such response to Apapa from Nigerians who already knew that Apapa, Arabambi and their cohorts have been heavily compromised to thwart the proceedings in the Tribunal.

“Peter Obi is known as peace loving man who never condones violence. As a governor of Anambra State, it is on record that his tenure witnessed the most peaceful era in that state. “He is renowned to be the only governor in Nigeria who moved around without a bullet proof car. He ensured that bringandry, violence or any form of political violence ceased in the state.
“So for anyone to imagine, suggest or even contemplate to associate him with act of violence is pure mischief taken too far and this must be addressed.

“Labour Party is demanding that Arabambi must come up with evidence and facts that Ahanotu is under instruction to visit him violence. We may let so many of his actionable utterances to slip by but certainly not this unfounded allegation which we view as serious and defamatory to the persons mentioned.

“We are going ahead to make a formal report to the Nigerian Police and other security agencies of the grave dimension which these anti-democratic elements are taken in their inordinate attempt to stifle democracy.
“We therefore call on all lovers of Labour Party, our Principal, Peter Obi and other leaders of our party to remain focused amidst many provocations coming from those who attempted to hijack the Labour Party.

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