National Assembly members-elect on the platform of the Labour Party, have been cautioned to be firm, focused in the discharge of their legislative mandates or else incur the wrath of the Nigerian people who voted them to power.

Speaking at the “Good Governance Summit For All 2023 Labour Party Elected Candidates in Abuja on Thursday where he was chairman of the event Senator, Shehu Sani said it is the first time Nigeria would have a President who has been around and was in the trenches with the opposition, as a former senator he knows what button to press to activate any action, therefore, the Labour Party members elect must remain on the side of the people to succeed in their legislative duties.

According to him, the LP members elected to the Senate or the House of Representatives rode on the back of Angry Nigerians who voted against oppression and perceived injustices by those who run the system and would therefore expect that the elected candidate of the Labour Party stand with the people.

According to him, Labour Party members-elect are the surest group of Nigerian Politicians who did not win on the sponsorship of godfathers or as place-holder for serving governor but emerged from the anger of Nigerians who wanted a change.

According to Sani: “You did not come to office due to godfather or someone paid for you. You came to power by the hurricane of angry Nigerians.

“Either you represent their anger or they will see you as a threat. That will be one of the challenges when you are there on the floor of the red or green chamber to speak for them .

You would need to stand on the side of the people on all issues. Those who have been brought to the twin chamber of the National Assembly by one or the other godfather, you will never hear about them or see them in matters of controversy

“Again those who “Occupy the seat waiting for a serving governor to take over, are never seen on matters of controversy except after they have made calls to their sponsors.

“But for you, the Nigerian people are standing with you and their anger is like a Machete on top of your head. They will be ready to use the machete on you, if you deviate from truth, justice equity etc.

He advised the eight senators and 35 members of the House of Representatives of the Labour Party (LP) to ensure that they “Meet regularly with their colleagues to take collective stands

He warned that the President-Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the capacity to manipulate the National Assembly in the direction he wanted because of his exposure in many fronts politically.

He knows how touch the buttons to manipulate the Process.

You can make your mark in the national assembly depending on where you stand on matters of truth, equity and justice 

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