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Bishop Umoh charges 10th Senate to right the evil of the past, work for Nigeria



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The catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Most Rev Camillus Umoh has charged the 10th Senate to work for Nigerians and correct the wrongs of the past to show that they are different through legislations.

Speaking in his homily at the Thanksgiving Service in honour of the President of the Senate Godswill Akpabio at the Regina Pacis Auditorium, St Anne Cathedral Ifuho, Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area of the state he prayed for collaboration and unity from lawmakers in the National Assembly in other to make laws that would be just and for the good of Nigerians. 

He also prayed that at the end of his tenure Nigerians would be able to say that a man from Annangland landed in Abuja and left with the imprint of Annangland and that he brought to bear the catholic character of justice and fairness. 

“That from Ikot Ekpene Diocese, came a Senator and President of the Senate. Let it be said that the kind heartedness of this place would also influence your character. Unite this country with legislations that are not selective and discriminatory. 

“As you continue to guide the activities of the NASS, make it that after your tenure, people would be saying when Akpabio was here, this wouldn’t have happened. 

“Destroy things that would scarter this country. Go ahead and do things that you know how to do best; the uncommon transformation of Nigeria. This is the little Nazareth from where you rose. Let it be said that one good thing can come out of Nazareth,” he stressed.

In his brief remarks, former Governor of Ebonyi State, Senator Dave Umahi  President Tinubu for his support for the ambition of Senator as the President of the10th Senate.  He said ” we are all grateful to President Tinubu whom God used to spot this uncommon transformer. 

“A man of courage. During those dauting times he stood his grounds. We thank him. The president, his vice and our Senate President and his family need your prayers to succeed. “

He also thanked the people of Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District for producing a Senator like Akpabio for Nigerians as its Senate President, saying, “to those who thought they betrayed him. God is God. Our challenges lead to us giving God all the glory, as we are doing today. Akpabio is succeeding because of his spirit of forgiveness”. 

The service was rounded off by the Senate President conducting the mass choir of the church while rendering the Halelujah Chorus to the admiration of all present, after reading the first Bible reading from the Book of Psalm 49 I-6.

Akpabio had earlier indicated that the National Assembly would partner with the President Bola Tinubu-led administration to change policies inhibiting the progress and development of Nigeria

He thanked the president, the National Working Committee(NWC) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and his colleagues in the Senate for standing by and supporting him when he contested for the office of the President of the 10th Senate. 

According to him, “the current National Assembly will rally round and support the programmes of the current administration by eliminating all inhibiting policies affecting the progress and development of the country. We would be partners in progress for the sole benefit of Nigerians.”

Speaking further, the former Governor of the state, who arrived the Victor Attah International Airport to a rousing welcome by indigenes of the state across party lines and led by the state governor, Pastor Umoh Eno, assured the people of his District of quality representation as their Senator and President of the Senate.

“I thank you all for coming out to celebrate God’s goodness in my life and that of my family. I thank you for the support during the campaigns and election proper. To those who didn’t vote for me, I will represent you well. Continue to pray for me and my colleagues as we daily navigate and steer the ship of the National Assembly for the bettermentof all Nigerians.

” I am humbled by this show of love. Humility is all that matters in life. You will see the difference. What I want you to take back home is the fact that Nigerians have elected an uncommon Senate President. We will run an uncommon Senate for the benefit of the uncommon people. That is why I am here today to thank God for what he has done for me,”he stated.

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Senate panel quizzes Bakari as NFIU Boss




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The Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes has on Monday quizzed Hafsat Bakari as the Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, (NFIU).

President Bola Tinubu last week appointed Bakari as the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, pending her confirmation by the Senate.

By the appointment Bakari is to replace Modibbo Tukur who was relieved of his job by President Tinubu in June 2023.
Bakari is a lawyer and financial intelligence expert with years of experience in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and counter-proliferation financing said she has “enough experience to discharge he duties”
Before her appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of the NFIU, she served as Deputy Director at the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, and was at different times the Head of the General Services Unit; Head of the Strategy and Reorientation Unit, and Head of the Board Secretariat of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
In a chat with newsmen after the screening, the Chairman Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes, Senator Emmanuel Menga Udende expresses that Ms. Bakare will bring her wealth of experience and expertise to bare in the discharge of her mandate in this critical role, especially in view of the President Bola Tinubu’s war against illicit financial flows and other sharp practices currently prevalent in segments of the nation’s foreign exchange markets”
The Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) a creation of the National Assembly is the Nigerian federal agency responsible for collecting and analyzing disclosures from reporting organizations, in order to produce financial intelligence to other agencies combating money laundering, terrorism, and other financial crimes.
The NFIU was established in 2004 as an autonomous unit within the central coordinating body for the country’s Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, and Counter-Proliferation Financing (AML/CFT/CPF) framework of Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN).
It also operates as part of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

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Imo North senator advocates for regional Governmment, police




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**Wants each regional Government to oversee its development commission

The senator representing Imo North Senatorial District Ndubueze Patrick Chiwuba has advocated for Regional Government and Regional Police Force as against the cloud for State Police.

Speaking on the heels of the passage of the bill for the establishment of the South East Development Commission senator Chiwuba described the politics of Regional Development commissions that has become a cash cow for some Nigerians as a welcome development as it will soon lead him to sponsor a bill for Regional Government

According him when each region is given its own Developmwnt Commission, it is another form of restructuring

“I’ll be happy, I’m supporting that 100%. After that I can bring up my bill.

“You know when people talk of restructuring, people see it in a different way. You understand? God can bless Nigeria from different angles. 

“Let us have regional governments to superintend over all these commissions so that nobody will now go and appropriate it to himself. 

“So what am I looking for? The restructuring has gotten it. So it is a very wonderful work. For me, when I saw the other regional commissions, I started preparing my bill for regional government.

“So what I’m trying to say is, it is a good omen. Every region should have it. And you are deriving money from the federal. Now, if you derive from the federal, those places where people can augment their own commission, they will go and augment and move ahead. “Others may copy them. And as such, what do we do there will be regional competition so that States do not need to go cap in hand to the Federal Government to share allocation

“So, my next bill, after we have gotten the commissions, will be a bill for us to adopt regional government. And the regional government will superintend over the commissions.
“If any, somebody can be held responsible by the people of the area. But when the chairman of the board is appointed from the federal level, he is not accountable to the area, the region, because he is not appointed by the people. The people don’t have authority to remove them or to replace them.
“So they behave like emperors because it’s only the federal that can call them to order. You understand? And if the federal wants to call them to order, their relations will go to plead on their behalf

“But when the regional government superintend over such and they are elected, you know what it means? So once you are doing bad either they recall you, or they remove you, or they make sure that your tenure is not renewed. 
Also speaking on the issue of the state police he said he is not an apostle of  state police but Regional.
He said the regional police will not be accountable to any particular governor. No person will use the regional police to fight his enemy, political enemy. 

But state police, people can use it to fight their enemy, but regional, nobody can, because the governors of the region will come together to provide funding
When it comes to regional police, it will derive its power from the region there, no single person can use them.

For now, the appointments, both the board and others are coming from the federal. And when they are appointed, they will recognize every state. That’s one. Two, the chairman and the executive members will be rotated from time to time.
On whether President Tinubu will assent to the South East Development Commission bill he said, “&I ’m not seeing any hindrance. Rather, it’s going to improve our politics in a better sense. What we need is development. What we need is freedom to operate. And that’s what the South is asking for – freedom to operate. 
“Once we have freedom to operate, the sky is the beginning, it’s not our limit. And every other part of the nation will benefit.
“If you go down the history, you know when we had regional governments? The South East was rated as the fastest growing economy in the world. Go and Google. During the regional government headed by Michael Okpara, the South East was rated as the fastest growing economy in the whole world. Now, since after the civil war, the South East had been abandoned. That’s why you see people crying of marginalization.

“First of all, we thank God for a day like this, that we can be happy, joyful, and glorify Him for the passage of this bill. And we thank the National Assembly for passing the bill as well.

“We are thanking Mr. President in advance for assenting to this Bill, because I know he will assent to the Bill. So it’s a good thing, it’s a good omen, not just for the South East, but for the nation Nigeria.

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Beam searchlights on FG over $3.4b COVID 19 loan, subsidy savings, CSOs Charges NASS




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The National Assembly has been charged to probe the $3.4billion loan collected by the Federal Government from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in April 2020 without proof of expenditure on anything, Coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) has charged

They also faulted unending requests for loans by the Federal Government and expeditious approvals given by the National Assembly with little or nothing to point at, as what the loans were used for.

They added that, savings made by the government from fuel subsidy removal from May last year till date, have not been accounted for by the government as Nigerians are watching and suffering .

The Nine CSOs led by the Executive Director of Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, at a media briefing, alleged that the incessant loan collections by the FG, made the debt profile of the country to hit N87.9tr mark which is equivalent to $114.3b

“The escalating debt burden has profound implications for the well – being of Nigerian citizens , and failure to act quickly could result in an additional 23million Nigerians living in poverty and 80milliion working – age citizens without a full time job by 2030.

“These concerning trends underscore the need for the National Assembly to urgently do the needful by among others, investigate the movement and spending of loans received by the Federal Government in the past and present administrations , including but not limited to the $3.4billion loan obtained from IMF as reported in the 2020 annual audited report published by the Auditor – General of the Federation .

“Stopping borrowing for recurrent expenditure ( personnel and overheads ) and dilatory capital expenditure that adds no value to economic growth, wealth creation and development.
‘Demanding accountability for petrol subsidy savings and sincerity of purpose in fulfilling the government ‘s ‘ promises of renewed hope ‘ to the millions of Nigerians who no longer have belts to tighten”.

Other CSOs represented at the media briefing by their Executive Directors, were Centre for Democracy and Development,
International Budget Partnership, Paradigm Leadership Support Initiative,
Oxfam, Social Action, Christian Aid, Action Aid

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