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THEWILL picks CBN Governor, Emefiele, 2021 Person of The Year



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The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, had been named by THEWILL NEWSPAPER as its Person of the Year for 2021.

The announcement was made on the double cover stories of newspaper’s christmas edition, captioned, “Emefiele: Passionate Central Banker in Turbulent Times” and “Godwin Emefiele: Revolutionary Banker That Walks His Talk,” which is currently available on newsstands nationwide.

The announcement is also on the Newspaper’s multiple digital channels as well as on international newspaper digital publishing platforms, Issuu and Pressreader.

THEWILL Newspaper also gave an insight on how Emefiele, 10th indigenous CBN Governor was chosen.

The Newspaper said: “Since he first assumed office on June 4, 2014, Mr. Godwin Ifeanyichukwu Emefiele, Nigeria’s 10th indigenous Central Bank Governor, has been in the eye of the storm over the apex bank’s monetary policies. 
“The reason is simple. There is an organic relationship between the Central Bank and the economy of a nation; the bank’s policies have far-reaching implications on the people’s wealth-creating abilities and standard of living. It is therefore a matter, of course, that Emefiele is a household name to different people for different reasons.
“At one time, he was applauded by proponents of the bank’s policy initiatives. At the other, he was lambasted by critics for what they perceive as deliberate moves to worsen an already bad situation. But this passionate Central Banker has been consistent in his actions, which underlies the fact that he means well for the nation and the economy with his boundless belief in people-oriented policies. 
“Unarguably, Emefiele’s coming on board as CBN Governor first in June 2014 and his re-appointment in June 2019, brought hope and calm to an economy that witnessed two recessions and suffered the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic under his watch.”

“Upon his first appointment, Emefiele unveiled his 10-point agenda, which spelt out, unambiguously, his plan to make the CBN more people-focused.
“He left no one in doubt as to the priority of his policy thrust – development finance, to create jobs and attain financial stability. He said he was committed to creating “a Central Bank that is professional, apolitical and people-focused,” which “spends its energies on building a resilient financial system that can serve the growth and development needs of our beloved country.”
“He has not relented efforts at ensuring economic growth and financial stability through strategic policies that impact meaningfully on the economy. Data from the bank’s Corporate Communications Department, headed by Osita Nwanisobi, a Director, showed that the bank’s development finance interventions have created over 7 million jobs. Nwanisobi said the CBN intervention programmes, introduced under the leadership of Emefiele, were born out of a market failure and other critical issues within the nation’s economic space.
“Overlooking scathing criticism from some analysts, who argued that the CBN governor had acquired renewed energy to push the bank beyond its monetary policy mandate by delving into issues beyond what the CBN Act (2007) provided, Emefiele and his team remained committed to the patriotic goal of ensuring economic stability through the bank’s several intervention programmes.
“Currently, the CBN has 37 intervention funds targeted at stimulating the economy and addressing the issue of unemployment.”
THEWILL, however, maintained that though this may not be understood and appreciated by those Emefiele’s policies do not favour, “The real test of individuals in positions of authority anywhere in the world – whether presidents or prime ministers, heads of corporations or educational institutions – is not how much of a smooth ride they had while in office but in surmounting the rough patches along the way.”
THEWILL added: “Godwin Ifeanyi Emefiele has had more than his fair share of both natural and man-made problems as CBN governor in the last couple of years. Has he survived it? A resounding yes is the answer from THEWILL, which is why today, we give him a standing ovation by naming him our Person of the Year.”
Emefiele, fondly called Meffi by his close friends, was born on August 4, 1961 in Lagos, though his parents are from Agbor in Delta State who lived and worked in the littoral state. He began his primary and secondary education in Lagos and then found himself in an out-of-state school for his degree programme at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu State. 
His meeting with Jim Ovia afterwards and eventually taking up an appointment with Zenith Bank is the kind of success story heads of departments of B and F plump for and routinely recount to their wards in business schools. In other words, the success story of Zenith will never be complete without the prominent role Emefiele played in it. And, as anyone would imagine, success stories never hide, they are in plain sight to see. 

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Ezeife’s daughter gives reason her father supported Obi




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The first daughter of the late Gov. Chukwemeka Ezeife, Okwadike, Dr Mrs Ogelue C. Ezeife Ugorji, has her father strongly supported the presidential candidate of the Labour Party Peter Obi in the 2023 Presidential election.
She said her father known for his firm stand on justice and equity, threw his weight behind Obi because he looked forward to a better and more united nation where every Nigerian would be treated justly and given a fair chance to succeed.
A statement issued by the Spokesperson of Peter Obi Media Reach (POMR) Dr Yunusa Tanko quoted her to have explained further that her Father strongly believed that Peter Obi would have made it happen.

Dr. Ezeife-Ugorji made the revelation while paying a glowing tribute to her late father, Gov. Chukwemeka Ezeife, at his Commendation Service in Awka. Gov. Ezeife was the first civilian governor of Anambra State and an elder statesman. As part of his final journey home, a commendation service was held for him in Awka yesterday.

Speaking of his well-lived life, Dr Ugorji stated that her father, Okwadike, held justice and equity very highly.
She narrated how Okwadike, during his last visit to the United States of America before his death, revealed that his unwavering support for Mr Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, was borne out of his deep conviction that Obi would build a just and equitable nation.

She further described the late Okwadike as a man of wisdom, a lover of peace, and an emblem of unity.
She said Okwadike was a truly detribalized Nigerian who related to everyone irrespective of tribe or religion. She prayed to God to grant her beloved father eternal rest and to grant that his hopes of a just and equitable Nigeria be actualized.

The event was well attended by many dignitaries and revered Nigerians, including the Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo; President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu; Former Governor of Enugu State, Okwesilieze Nwodo; Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chris Ngige, and many others.

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Touching story of Obi Cubana, wife




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When my wife was carrying my younger son Zillion in her womb, she asked me to promise her a gift when she puts to birth.

2months after, Zillion came.

A month later when I was sure she could go out with the baby, I took her to a big phone shop.

She had asked me for a particular phone.

My mother inlaw went with us. I didn’t know she was listening to our conversation with the dealer.

When she heard the price, her mood changed immediately. The front desk guys noticed it but couldn’t ask why.

Standing right there, I took my mind back to years ago when this woman was with me in an uncompleted building.

One night being our first day of washing clothes for people, we had finished this set of dresses and the owner asked us to deliver that same night.

We had not eaten since morning because the little money we had, we used it for buying of soap and starch.

We waited and eventually went to the man’s house at 9pm when he returned from work and handed the clothes to the wife.

She took it into their room.

1hour later, no one came out to see us. We waited and waited until the househelp finally came out and excitedly I felt she brought our money.

She approached me and said she wants to lock the door, they’re going to bed.

My wife was pregnant, she had not eaten and her stomach was beginning to hurt.

We got up, walked out and left their compound. They never paid us till today. It’s been a decade and yesterday evening I went to wash my car, lo and behold, the man who pleaded with me to park it in his own side so he could wash is the same man whom I washed dresses for and he refused to pay me till today.

He didn’t even know me.

I only introduced myself when I paid him and was driving out. Never seen a human statue but I think I saw a human being stand like one yesterday.

That night he did that to us, my wife and I trekked a distance going back because we didn’t have any money for byke.

Finally we saw one boy charging phones for people, my wife gave me her small Nokia phone for us to use and borrow money from that boy so we could eat.

The boy graciously gave us 1000naira and kept the phone. We never saw that phone again.

Back at the phone shop, I knew nothing could equal the price of her sacrifices. I brought out my card and gave them to pay for the phone.

Till we drove home, my mother inlaw didn’t say a word in the car. She was worried that her daughter just wasted my money.

She called her into the room and started complaining bitterly and my wife told her a little story about us.

She couldn’t hold back her tears and she came into my room to say thank you Inlaw.

When you have a wife that stood with you in your trying moments and she fought with you to conquer, the little you can do is appreciate her.

Show her you have not forgotten her love and sacrifices.

Several marriages hit the rocks during trying moments. If yours survived because your spouse had to stand with you, never take it for granted

– Obinna Iyiegbu (Obi Cubana

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Ododo celebrates Tinubu @ 72, Salutes his dedication to reviving Nigerias hope




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Kogi State Governor, Ahmed Usman Ododo has applauded the extraordinary dedication of President Bola Tinubu’s determination to stir up the hope of Nigerians in their country as he turns 72 today.

Special Adviser on Media to the Governor, Ismaila Isah in a statement said the governor joined other Nigerians to celebrate the achievements of President Tinubu and his unwavering commitment, wisdom, and leadership in steering Nigeria towards greater economic prosperity.
He added that the president has brought about significant improvement in the security of lives and property under very challenging circumstances.

Ododo described the President as a steadfast, determined, focused leader and a rare breed of democrat whose commitment to nation building has shaped the development of democratic institutions in Nigeria.

“Mr President as you mark your 72nd birthday today, I extend my warmest wishes on behalf of the government and people of Kogi State to you for your abiding faith in our county and for your love for our state.

“You have dedicated your life to the service of our great nation, demonstrating unwavering commitment, wisdom, and leadership.

“Your steadfast dedication to the welfare and progress of our country serves as an inspiration to us all.

“On this special day, we celebrate not only the milestones of your exceptional life but also your vision for a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria.

“Under your guidance, we shall continue to strive for unity, peace, and development, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for the growth and development of our country,” Governor Ododo said.

The Governor called on all Nigerians to reaffirm their collective commitment to building a nation that is inclusive, just, and prosperous under President Tinubu.
According to him, it is imperative for Nigerians to draw inspiration from the President’s leadership and work together towards a brighter future for the country.

Governor Ododo prayed for the grace of sound health, strength and protection upon the life of Mr. President in his efforts to rekindle hope in Nigeria through the reforms initiated under the Renewed Hope Agenda of his administration.

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