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‘Listing Simon Ekpa among wanted persons by Nigeria military is rascality, intimidation’

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The recent listing of the Biafra Prime Minister Simon Ekpas’ name among wanted individuals by the Nigerian government and military has been condemned by The Biafra Republic Government in Exile.

Chief of staff to chief Ekpa, Dr. Ngozi Orabueze in a statement said the declaration is an indication of the highest form of rascality,  irresponsibility and intimidation that can not be found in a true democracy

She said the Nigeria government and military were looking for a foithold to suppress the basic and inalienable rights of the Biafra people to chose their leader and discuss who they are as a people hence they came up with the declaration
“Prime Minister His Excellency Simon Ekpa is a Self Determination Leader who can never be a wanted individual. 

Dr. Orabueze indicated that the declaration by the Director, Defence Media Operation Maj. Gen. Edward Buba is a show of the highest form of rascality,  irresponsibility and intimidation. 
“It is also a ploy by the Nigeria government and military to suppress the basic and inalienable rights of the Biafra people to chose their leader and discuss who they are as a people.” 
The chief of staff in the statement called for the immediate withdrawal of the Biafra Government the Nigeria government.

She also demanded an apology from Major General Buba to the Biafra people whose rights and image  has been trampled upon with such fallacy and publication. 
In her statement, Dr Orabueze explained that the continuous use of intimidation, suppression, killings and disrespect for the right of over 70 million Biafrans scattered all over the world and inside Nigeria can no longer go without a measurable action.

“The call for Self Determination, Self Referendum and Redeclaration  of Biafra as a Sovereign state is a task geared towards the security of lives and property of indigenous Nigerians in Biafra territory, and must be achieved for peace and reduction in terrorism in that part of the world. 
“The 40 United States of Biafra currently under the leadership of Biafra Republic government in Exile headed by Prime Minister Simon Ekpa is the wish of Biafra people. Such wish must be respected. 
“The inclusion of the distinguished Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic government in Exile’s name Simon Ekpa among the list of wanted individuals in Nigeria is the same thing Nigeria government and military did to the current Biafra leader leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is currently being held in Nigeria DSS detention center despite repeated legal rulings to free him.
“The United Nations has also called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu but the Nigeria military and government has refused.
“Nigeria is currently in a military rule disguised with President Tinubu as a civilian stooge. 
“With this publication, the Nigeria military and  government has once again proven to the world that it is a government that uses its power militarily to intimidate, suppress, kill and maim innocent citizens. “Thousands of innocent Nigerians have been killed this year alone by government sponsored terrorists. 
“The Nigeria military and government runs a  policy to reintegrate and rehabilitate known terrorists. This  policy has cause more deaths to indigenous Nigeria citizens compared to Boko Haram.
“Last Christmas, over 300 indigenous citizens were murdered same day by government sponsored and reintegrated terrorists. 
“The only crime of Simon Ekpa is to speak against these killings and encourage Biafrans to defend themselves against invading terrorists.”

She described the Nigeria government and military romance/sympathy with terrorist leaders such as Hamas that recently visited Nigeria and welcomed in over 3 news media controlled by the Nigeria government as a grave concern.
“Such action validates the connivance of the current Nigeria  government and military with terrorists.”
Dr. Orabueze therefore called on the Nigeria government to not only withdraw the Biafra Prime Ministers name from their purported wanted list but to respect the wishes of the Biafra people and peacefully start discussion towards the exit of Biafra from Nigeria
The Chief of staff noted that she will be open for such discussion any day

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Associates, Friends of Late Cairo Ojuogboh plan befitting farewell




Senator Gada and Edwin Clark
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***Want FG, Delta State to immortalize him

Associates, friends and family of Cairo Ojuogboh have come together to organize a befitting farewell for him under the leadership, directive and supervision of Chief Clark whom they described as the father of the nation
Ojuogboh a medical Doctor and former house of representatives member slumped and died in Abuja February 8, 2024 while watching the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) semi-final encounter between Nigeria and South Africa.
Senator Abubakar Gada who is the second chairman of the burial organizing committee unveiled the programe of activities to journalists in Abuja on Friday.
He said the program of Activities included National evening of Tributes in honour of Cairo Ojuogboh holding in Abuja on Sunday, 14th, April 2024 with Senator Ali Modu Sheriff as the Chairman.
Senator Gada described late Dr. Ojuogboh as an enigma and a personality that the nation will take a long time missing him as the mourning continues.

“He was a nationalist, Ojuogbo had no tribe, he had no ethnicity, he had no boundary, Cairo was for the country and indeed for humanity.
“When he suddenly passed on, it was with shock and disbelief which we are still battling to come to term with that reality.

“Cairo was a household name in Nigerian politics, Cairo was a friend.We miss you Cairo and we will continue to miss you.

“He has had his life dedicated to building bridges and reconciling the community, societies and indeed the nation tirelessly. God will surely give the family the fortitude to bear this loss.”

On the need for the Federal Government to immortalize him, he said Ojuogboh by his standing, naturally is an immortalised individual because generations yet unborn, will meet and reflect on his life and sacrifices for humanity as a medical doctor, as a politician, as a parliamentarian, endlessly.

“So, coming to specifics, Cairo is from Anioma in Delta state, he crisscrossed this nation in his effort to make society not only harmonious but consciously, development-oriented.

He called upon the government of Delta state to use health sector facility or infrastructure to immortalise Dr Ojuogboh.
“I will also call on the Delta State House of Assembly to immortalise, in addition to whatever respect, they will accord Dr Cairo, they as parliamentarian should immortalise him by having facility, state assembly facility, in Delta state to immortalise Cairo.

“Ojuogboh died during the semi final match the of African Cup of Nations, we have had loses but the most expensive and costly to the nation was that of Ojuogboh

“And so, sport family and the sport sector is hereby invited to immortalise, Dr Ojuogboh as a nationalist, patriot and a sport promoter and fan who believed in the unity that is guaranteed in sports and sportsmanship activities in the country.
“This is because sports happens to be one sector that unifies the nation so easily, so patriotically at all times and it is one thing that has no tribe or religion, or geographical limit. And it’s a reflection of the entirety of what Ojuogboh stood for and believed in.
“He lived and left this country while celebrating Nigeria’s success and victory in this formidable and socio-cultural and psychological sector, sports.

“For this, we call on all, without limits, these level of government to deservingly, reward and immortalise the name of Dr Cairo so that it will be for eternity.”

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Kogi Community, Monarch Celebrate Triplets After 17 Years Of Waiting




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By Friday Idachaba, Lokoja

OBA Frederick Durojaiye Balogun, the Olu of Apata and people of Akpata community in Oworo District of Lokoja Local Government Area of Kogi on Monday embarked on a wide jubilation as their queen finally delivered a set of triplets after 17 years of waiting.

The Queen, Olori Teniola-Faith Balogun delivered the babies in the early morning of Monday at the Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja after 17 years of marriage to the Oba.

Oba Fredrick Balogun, the Olu of Apata whose Palace was agog with praise singing and dances as the people celebrated with the royal family, in apparent display of his faith, glorified the omnipotent God.

The elated Oba Frederick told journalists who visited him that God had been very faithful to his family over the past 17 years of waiting upon Him saying that they had put their trust in Him.

“This is our day of joy and rejoicing after receiving these precious gifts from God Almighty after several years of waiting and trusting Him.

“In fact, I am short of words to appreciate and thank God for what He has done for this royal family. No wonder people have gathered around to celebrate with us.

“Another impressive and wonderful thing our God has done for us is that the queen and the triplets are all in good health condition.”

He described the triplets as harbingers of good things to come and a sign that 2024 is a year of many good tidings coming the way of not just Apata community but Kogi and Nigeria as a whole.

The Oba also expressed gratitude to his family members, friends, people of Apata community and environs as well as the hospital management for standing by the family all through.

One of the chiefs, Elesho of Apata, Chief Ayodele Rufus-Balogun, in celebration mood, described the arrival of the triplets as “huge blessing” to the Apata community, the Oworo district and Kogi State.

“You can see for yourself how jubilant our people are over the birth of these triplets to our Oba. We are indeed grateful to God”, he said.

Mr Babatunde Adekunle, Secretary, Apata Community Development Association and close associate of the King, said year 2024 would remain indelible in the history of Akpata community.

“We are all gathered here singing and dancing because our joy is full with the blessing we have received from the Almighty God through our royal family”, Adekunle said. (Ends)

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Easter: REDAN President, Prince Adeoye Urges Nigerians to Pray for Nation




Prince Akintoye Adeoye
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The President of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN),Prince Akintoye Adeoye has urged Christians to prioritize prayers for Nigeria’s prosperity, peace, and unity during the Easter celebration.

In his Easter message delivered in Abuja, Prince Adeoye emphasized the significance of the Easter season as a period for spiritual reflection and national prayer. He extended warm Easter greetings to all members of REDAN and to Nigerians across the nation, highlighting the importance of embracing peace, unity, and hope as the country commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Prince Adeoye stressed the importance of unity and optimism for a brighter future in his message. “This Easter, let us unite in our prayers and believe that better days are ahead. By doing so, we can realize our goals for affordable housing and sustainable development in Nigeria,” he remarked.

Prince Adeoye also reaffirmed REDAN’s dedication to enhancing the nation’s economy through sustainable real estate initiatives. “Through collaboration and a shared vision, we can foster economic growth and make significant advancements in the housing sector,” he added.

The REDAN President, Prince Adeoye, called upon all members of the Association to uphold the association’s mission of providing affordable housing for all.
He reminded them to remain steadfast in the founding fathers’ ideals and objectives, emphasizing the importance of unity and commitment.

“As we celebrate Easter alongside our Christian brethren, let us not forget to pray fervently for our beloved nation,” Adeoye urged. He pledged that REDAN would continue to offer practical solutions to the government and key stakeholders in the real estate sector to address the housing deficit in Nigeria effectively.

Furthermore, Prince Adeoye declared his unwavering support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda for Housing and expressed his commitment to elevating housing development in Nigeria to new heights under his leadership.

Prince Akintoye Adeoye concluded his Easter message by extending his best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, and joyful celebration to everyone. He encouraged Nigerians to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ and to actively contribute positively to their communities and the nation as a whole.

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