Foundation for Enhancement and Promotion of Family life (FEPFL) has urged the Federal Ministry of Interior to accept the court Judgment that empowers local governments to conduct marriage registry.
The Chief Executive Officer of FEPFL
John O. Amabi in a Statement made available to the National update on sunday observed that it will enable the country to squarely face the reality of the decayed human morals that is fueling violent extremism in the society.
A Federal high court sitting in Lagos, Presided over by Justice D. E. Osiagor had ruled that only the local government marriage registries were empowered by the 1999 constitution (as amended).
This judgment Amabi said is timely as it will enable the Nigeria states in the Federation to quickly domesticate the National matrimonial act, by prompting the 36 State Assemblies to make laws that will build their culture and religion into the state matrimonial laws.
According to him, “A careful study of the National Matrimonial Act shows that it is alien to Nigeria setting: The act that governs how human beings are produced in the Nation is made for just a section of the country.

“FEPFL Keep on saying that matrimonial law is for the child moral wellbeing as NAFDAC is for the physical wellbeing of the Nation. “There is no Nation in the world that have alternative to marriage in terms of human procreation and moral upbringing. The child’s moral education is the primary assignment of couples in any peaceful marriage and home.
“A morally healthy society is a product of peaceful marriages. We are faced with the issue of children being involved in crimes, drugs, rape, armed robbery and cultism.
“These trigger untimely death of children in different parts of Nigeria, because the children are not taught morals from homes at the right time.
“The autonomy of Local governments should start by allowing the local Government Authorities carryout their mandates, rather than the bullying attitude of the Federal and State Governments whereby all their resources and revenue generation potentials are being usurped.”
This the CEO observed is among the reasons there is less activities at Local Government Areas in Nigeria.
“Foundation for Enhancement and Promotion of Family Life, is using this opportunity to appeal to the Honourable Minister of Interior and his team for the sake of the future of the unborn Nigerian children, to accept the court Judgment and champion the movement for domesticating the Nigeria matrimonial act to enable states create laws that will enhance the activities of the Local Governments as it relates to marriage registry.
“The laws that will empower parents with the responsibilities of child moral education in the first six years of the child’s live.
“As research had shown that a child with good moral upbringing often performs better in school, with less records of crimes who will turnout to be good citizen and pride of the Nation.”
“This is a good step to rebuilding our human morals as a Black Nation, and curb the issues of children in violent extremism in communities as results of marriage and family system failures.

Such failures in the first instance he said are due to the wrong process by which couples contract marriages leading to neglect of the core values of our lives, which is our culture and religion.

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