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2023: I ‘ll mobilise 30m youths for APC if given opportunity – Agbomhere



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A leading aspirant for the position of National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Hon. Blessing Agbomhere, has promised to mobilise 30 million youths for the ruling party at the 2023 general elections if elected at the forthcoming national convention.

Agbomhere also expressed optimism that the APC would not make the same mistake the PDP made in electing an inexperienced person as their national youth leader.

Hon. Agbomhere, who had contested APC ticket for Edo state governorship and House of Representatives, told newsmen during his official declaration Thursday in Abuja, that his intention to run for the office of the national youth leader of APC is for the good of Nigeria.

Agbomhere said the ruling APC needed an experienced party man who understands the mood and yearnings of the youths in the country.

“Today, Nigeria is where it is because the young minds and intellectual minds are not involved in the governance of our Nation, Policies and Programs are made and added wars as a muse. Now, we don’t want that anymore. We want to now be involved in making policies and programs that will dictate or determine the governance of this nation,” he said.

While acknowledging the voting power of youths, the youth leadership aspirant said: “The truth of the matter is that the youths of this country has the young, the largest voting constituency in Nigeria, whoever the youths of Nigeria decides to vote for that is the person that will win the presidency come in 2023. And now we know the desires. We know the journeys. We know the aspirations of the Nigerian young people.”

He stressed that the party needed an experienced party man in his calibre that can canvass and engage the leadership of the party on the need and welfare of the youth at any forum.

“I will tell anybody, that the biggest mistake any political party has made in Nigeria is the choice of the youth leader of the PDP. The youth leader of the PDP does not have any vision for the party. It doesn’t care about the standing and workings of youth leadership in this country. The Nigeria young people needs someone who is versed in the alchemy of of intellectualism, who can, who can who can stand and speak for the young people and not speak for the young people can engage the system.

“To engage young people in the governance of this country. You do think the PDP leader has what it takes to face any PDP leader to tell them what they should do. If that boy goes to the NEC, he will not be able to maintain a position or canvas a position for the young person of this country. So for me, I have strict credibility among those that have been in the struggle for youth, they must be patient in Nigeria. So somebody like me is what is needed to convert the position of the Nigeria young people,” Agbomhere averred.

Speaking on the contentious issue of zoning, the experienced APC chieftain submitted that though zoning is not a constitutional matter, but as a matter moral indebtedness, it is expected that all positions that are currently being occupied by northerners are expected to be zoned to the South and vice versa.

“Zoning is a moral thing is not constitutional. And as we speak, the Office of the National Leadership of the APC has been in the north. And now the party has agreed and most positions have been the north will now go to the south why the south positions will now go to the north. As we speak today, you’ve not seen anybody from the south vying for the chairmanship of our party because they have that morale understanding or they have done more understanding. Likewise, the National Youth leadership of our party is now going to the South.

“Like I said zoning is a moral thing, the party can choose to make silent. Anybody has the right to aspire for any office. Zoning is just a way of reducing the stress and cumbersome nature of the political process. Whether the party announces it zoning programs today or they announce a day to the convention for me it is not an issue. What ever time they decide to announce their zoning we are ready to abide by the party’s decision. Truth of the matter is that positions that were in the north are now going to the south and that is where my aspiration is birthed on. I am the most qualified, the most committed and the most faithful member and youth that can lead the party to victory 2023.

“Positions are not just zoned, to villages, communities, zones, positions and zoned having individuals in mind, and with the capacity of such individuals. Among all the candidates aspiring for the national leadership of our party, I am the most prepared, the most involved, I am the most qualified person because I have understanding of the party. I know the yearnings and aspirations of the young people. And I know the need at this critical time of young person to be involved in the party processes, and also to be involved with the governance of our nation,” he stated.

Speaking on his aspirations and manifesto for the party, the 42-year-old Agbomhere said he was in the race in order to bring stability and unity back to the youth fold of the party.

“My aspiration is born out of the need to mobilize galvanize and lead the youth wing of the All progressive Congress, having served in various capacities in the party. And having envision, how the youths of the APC should be and how Nigerian youths should be involved in governance at this critical point of our nationhood.

“Without missing words, I am contesting the national youth leadership because I want mobilize the APC youths. I want to unit them and galvanize them so that we can all together play our role as young people in building a new Nigeria. The Nigeria our Dream can not be possible without the young minds uniting themselves to provide to provide innovative solutions to the myriad challenges in our country.

“Today, we all agree that APC is a winning party. And we also agree that APC has done a lot to advance the cause of Nigerians to make life better for Nigerians. We also agree that what we are seeing today is not endo rondo. And as a result, we, the young people, this country, have to come out, stamp our feet to the ground, to build the nation that we want. And we cannot build a nation that we want by staying aloof. So we need to get involved in the politics of this country. So my vision and my mission are the same. And they are simple, simple in the sense that I want to unite the youths of the APC, mobilize them, coordinate them, lead them for the attainment of the objectives of the APC, and in an effort for us to get involved in the governance of our nation. Thereby we will are realise the nation and Nigeria.”

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Akpabio brags about South South capacity to deliver for Tinubu in 2027




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***Says, Akwa Ibom votes for APC in 2023 surpassed all that of 5 south East States

The President of the Senate Godswill Akpabio has boasted that the entire South South States will resoundingly deliver victory for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2027 to return President Bola Tinubu for second term.
Speaking in Abuja on Friday when the zonal Leadership of the South South APC ked by the National Vice  Chairman Victor Giadom Paul him a courtesy call

He said the party in Akwa Ibom made it possible for Tinubu to secure the 25% requirement to win.
He said Akwa Ibom alone devered more than 800000 votes for APC which he said was more than the votes the five South East States gave to the APC
“You will be surprised that the votes from Akwa Ibom alone for the APC in the Presidential election was more.l than the total votes from the five states of the South East
“What it really mean is that recall when David Leon contested in Bayelsa State, he won resoundingly but he was not sworn in, that happened a day before swearing in and even this last one that Timipre Sylva contested we also did very well and we are now in court so I cannot comment of that. “That shows you the strength of the APC in the region and even when the PDP is the ruling party in Rivers State where the Chairman Victor Giadom comes from, we were able to win the presidential election Rivers State, I am talking based on data which can not lie.
“I want to say that with that giant step now that we have a senate President, I don’t see any reason why the entirety of the South South Region will not become APC. “The only way we can pay back the National leaders of our party, the only way we can show the President for standing by us in the South South to produce a sente President After 45 years is for us to make sure that in 2027 we will give him and the entire APC resounding victory in the 6 States of the South South region.
“We are steadily moving on, Cross Rivers State is 100% APC. Here and there some people will emerge either in the Senate or the House of reps and the House of Assembly but in the governorship and government of the State is totally APC.
“Akwa Ibom has the Senate President, so for you to have members of the House of Representatives it shows that things are about to happen.
“For you to have won the presidential election in Rivers State where the Zonal chairman comes from, means things are beginning to happen.
He said in 2019 APC won in Bayelsa State except for technical issues in the court.
“That shows clearly that APC has come to stay in the entire South South,
“Edo State the APC governor took government house into another party and so election is coming next year, we expect the chairman to double his effort with all of us to be included in the campaign and ensure we get back what belongs to us. “Your visit is timely and I believe strongly that working together with you, APC can only be stronger in the South South Region
“On our part, we are working across party lines to support President Tinubu, all the senators of the South South are determine to give Tinubu the support so that he can succeed irrespective of party affiliation and that is a good sign

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Nasarawa govt berates PDP over protest against Appeal Court judgment




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From Daniel Abel, Lafia

The Nasarawa State Government has challenged  the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state against blackmailing the judiciary over Nasarawa governorship tussle.

This is contained in a statement signed by Mr, Peter Ahemba, Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Gov. Abdullahi Sule on Public Affairs and made available to newsmen on Monday in Lafia.

The reaction followed the recent protest in Lafia against the Appeal Court governorship election judgment by a group purported to be coalition of indigenous people of Nasarawa State.

The Appeal Court sitting in Abuja on Thursday, November 23 had set aside the judgment of the tribunal of Oct. 2nd and declared Sule as the winner of the election.

The governorship elections petition tribunal on Oct. 2, annulled the election of Gov. Abdullahi Sule of All Progressives Congress (APC) and declared David Ombugadu of PDP as the winner of March 18 election.

The governor’s aide described the protest as the shameful step against the judgment of the Appeal Court by a group hired by the PDP.

Ahemba added that the decision of the Appeal Court was a true reflection of the popular mandate freely given to the governor by the electorates on March 18.

He explained that the government has confidence in the judiciary and believed that justice would be served at the Supreme Court.

He further explained that when the PDP was declared at the tribunal nobody protested, rather, the governor challenged the decision at the appeal court.

He advised PDP and its candidate to also challenge the outcome of the appeal court as they cannot takeover power through the backdoor.

“The same party that was crying of external interference on the governorship dispute in the state is now calling on President Bola Tinubu and international communities to interfere,” he added.

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Credible election in 2027 under APC, Tinubu is a mirage, Timi Frank tells Nigerians




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Nigerians should not expect free, fair, transparent and credible elections in 2027 under the administration of President Bola Tinubu and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has said
Frank made the call in his reaction to the just concluded off-cycle governorship elections in three states of Kogi, Imo and Bayelsa.

Frank in a statement issued on Tuesday in Abuja, indicated that the level of electoral fraud, manipulation and rigging witnessed in Kogi and Imo states especially, points to the fact that no credible result can come out from future exercises.

“The elections were nothing to write home about and to imagine that it was the first set of elections conducted under the watch of President Tinubu. What happened in Imo and Kogi is a clear indication of the kind of elections Nigerians will witness 2027.

“Our electoral system is presently in dire straits under our highly compromised Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which has now graduated from rigging by manipulating the INEC Result View (IReV) portal and the Bi-Modal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS) to writing results of polling units before the people cast their ballot.,” he said.

Frank who is the United Liberating Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Ambassador to East Africa and Middle East, lamented that when INEC which is now a rigging department under APC has finished manipulating results, the judiciary which is unfortunately now the legal department of the ruling party, will simply legalise what the electoral body has done.

Besides, security agencies that were meant to protect voters and arrest riggers also take part in the rigging. The police, and other security agencies are now a security department in the APC.

He insisted that the brazen level of rigging in Imo and Kogi was not surprising because Tinubu himself was installed President through rigging and other acts of impunity which the judiciary validated.

Frank said: “It is sad that when our democracy in Nigeria is meant to be progressing, it is rather retrogressing. Nigeria is now the worst country in terms of compromised election results compared to other African countries.

“We don’t make improvements, we don’t make progress. Things are getting worse. So in 2027, if Nigerians do not take the bull by the horns to fight to restore credibility in our electoral system we’ll continue to have elections where the will of the people will not count. This is even so when the APC has appointed 10 of their card carrying members as Resident Electoral Commissioners of the INEC.

“This anti-democratic and unfortunate development is a clear indication that the conduct of the 2027 elections will be a formality to endorse only APC candidates either as freshers or for second term in their various offices.

“So if Nigerians want change, they should wake up and do the right thing, like other nations have done to defend their democracy.”

According to him, now that all the institutions of government that are meant to defend democracy, have practically compromised, “if we are not careful, Nigeria will turn to a one party state.”

He added: “It’s quite disappointing for a man, who under in the PDP regime was always crying, that the party wanted to turn Nigeria into a one party state, is unfortunately the one that is practically poised to officially turn Nigeria into a one party state like Uganda, Zimbabwe and Cameroon that have been under one party rule for decades.”

He lamented that opposition governors have compromised their parties and have failed to perform their role as opposition because of harassment and blackmail.

He added: “So the opposition governors, especially the PDP governors, have turned themselves into praise  singers because they have been blackmailed them to jettison their role as leaders of opposition in the country.

“That’s why some of us have decided to bear the pains by doing everything in our power to legally defend our democracy and our country from turning into a one party state.

“We have commenced mobilising  Nigerians especially in diaspora to save the country from the hands of election riggers and make sure our democracy stands.

“If we don’t stop Tinubu and APC, they will turn Nigeria into a one party state like Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Uganda.”

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