The Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has accused spokespersons of presidential candidates of the leading political parties demarketing their principals with utterances that can heat up the polity

Kalu who gave the indication while fielding questions from newsmen in his office on Wednesday, said spokespersons of Presidential candidates of the four leading political parties in their utterances have not been addressing issues with regards to aspirations of their principals but dwelling on frivolous matters thereby de-marketing their candidates.

According to him,”The presidential campaign has been going on well, but I will like the four major presidential candidate to focus on what they want to do. 

“I am tired of people abusing themselves. We know everybody in the field and they know us. Nigerians know the major Presidential candidates. 

“Their spokespersons are not helping us they are busy talking from Atlantic Ocean to Sahara Desert, tell us what you are going to do for the people, the people are tired of the rhetorics what this one did and what the other one did. 

“Warn those spokesmen that they should embrace people oriented programmes that their principal will do for us.

“We know everybody, we know the capacity of everybody, even when I campaign for people to vote to our parry, if I campaign to you, it behoves on you to agree,

there is decision to vote for our party or not but we will struggle always to convince people to vote for our party but the decision is for the electorate not for us. On perfornance of the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari led government, Senator Kalu said he has tried in some areas and failed in other areas like any government across the globe .

“The decision to vote lies with the voter. Our own is to do the campaign, do the marketing. 

“What I am seeing is not marketing, it is backlashing, this spokesman will come and talk rubbish and another will come and talk his own. That is not what democracy looks like, democracy is about what we can do for the people and I want this message to be carried to them because they are demarketing their candidates

“I want the Democratic process to have value, value that will help the young people, the elderly, the upper class, we have been able to create new middle class and this middle class will come up, so they should tell us how to stimulate the economy, they should go to Finance economy and micro economy they should stop telling us the rhetorics 

I am not interested in hearing the rhetorics 

“Everybody in Nigeria knows that there are four leading Presidential candidates for the 2023 Presidential election but their spokespersons are not giving Nigerians the required information as regards programmes and agenda of their principals on myriad of challenges facing the Nation.

Leadership according to him, is like exchange of baton in a race where every participant is expected to play his or her role and go

“President Buhari and his team have done their best within the last seven and half years, ahead of quitting the stage within the next six months for another set of leaders and by extension, new ideas, policies and programmes .

“Emergence of leaders at any time in the life of any country is always facilitated by circumstances and situations that are prevalent, making leaders at different times to have different challenges to face”, he said.

He however, boasted that as far as Abia North Senatorial District is concerned , no any other candidate is on ground apart from him, saying “In 2023, it will be Kalu vs Kalu in the zone 

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