***Says competence can not be regulated by sentiments

The senator representing Kano North senatorial district in the Senate, Jubrin Barau, who won his re-election bid recently, has enumerated reasons why he is the most qualified of all the contenders for the 10th senate Presidency.

The race for the position of principal officers of the 10th assembly had since Kickstarted as some federal lawmakers-elect in the Senate have signaled interest in running and are reported to be lobbying their colleagues for support.
He spoke when he officially announced his intention to run for the position on wednesday while speaking to newsmen in Abuja

Hence Barau said requirements for the position has nothing to do with sentiments but competence.

“Do you now relegate competence for other sentiments?”.

“It doesn’t work on sentiments it works on your ability to do the job. It is the tradition all over the world. It is there in our rules and this rule is a product of our constitution.

“It is clearly in our Standing Rules too that aspiration or election for the Office of the Senate President shall be in accordance with ranking.

“And among those who are seeking to occupy that office as we speak, I am the highest ranking senator. I’m the most experienced.

“The issue is that of competence, you need to be grounded in procedure of legislation before you are able to be the President of the Senate.
He indicated that he is the most competent candidate for the 10th Senate Presidency.

He said that with the array of candidates who had indicated interest for the position, he remained the most experienced.

“I want to tell you that I intend to seek to be the 10th Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“In few weeks, I will make a formal declaration,” he said.

Barau, who is also the Chairman Senate Committee on Appropriation said that the Legislature was a distinct arm of government that worked on competence.

He further indicated that the position of the Senate President is not based on religion.

He recalled that there was a time the former Senate President, David Mark and his Deputy, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu were christians
He added that at same time in the House of Representatives, Patricia Etteh was the Speaker also a Christian

“This was because they were the most experienced at that time. That was the tradition.

“Do we now relegate competence to the background? It’s s not possible. If you are talking about sentiments, North-West deserves the senate presidency.
“There was a time we had a Christian Senate President, David Mark, and the deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, a Christian and the Speaker of House of Representatives, Patricia Etteh, a Christian. There were the most experienced and ranking at that time. Competence was not relegated for sentiment then.”
“Bringing religious sentiments won’t fly,” he said.

Barau also said that the Legislature was that arm of government that needed to work hard to check the Executive.

“So, when you bring that kind of sentiments into the legislature, you are not doing well for that arm of government. We need to remove that sentiment,” he said.

On how he survived the NNPP tsunami in Kano , Barau said:

“When you are there for the people, you will be victorious on election day no matter the tsunami.

“I was there for them long before election and continue to work hard for my people. I didn’t start reaching out to them few days to election.

“Politicians should not think of winning elections by campaigning to the people fee days to election. Be there for your people right from day one.

“As Senate President, I will be there for the country, I will work hard for the country until we take it to the level we so desired”

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