By Naseer Mijinyawa Minna

Some suspected armed bandits Wednesday stormed Ba’are village in Mashegu Local Government area of Niger State killing 16 worshipers in the mosque.
The worshipers were massacred while observing their early morning prayer (Subhi)
The gun men had invaded the mosque warning worshipers to remain in their respective positions.
It was gathered that the gun men came into the village on a large convoy of motorcycles wielding sophisticated weapons as they took position at the entrance of the mosque before embarking on the killing of the worshipers.
It was gathered that the mosque was filled to capacity when the gun men stormed the community just as the worshipers were on the last raka’at and ofthe gun men opened fire on them killing 16 of the worshipers on the spot while nine other sustained various degree of injuries.
The gun men, it was further gathered that on arrival in the village codoned the entrances of the mosque and started shooting from all directions forcing the worshipers to scampered for safety.
Some of the worshipers managed to escaped through the only entrance where the imam uses.
According to Abubakar Salihu who was able to escaped from the mosque, the armed bandits arrived the community at about 5.33 am on Wednesday, and opened fire on the worshipers who were almost on the raka’at of the prayer.
He said he was lucky to have escaped through the entrance where the Imam uses.
He said his father and two of his younger brothers were killed by the armed men and nine others sustained different gun wounds from the deadly attacks.
The activities of armed bandits is on the increase in Niger State in the last four years as their deadly attacks on some communities are now becoming an everyday affair.
Recall that two months ago, some gun men also stormed Mazakuka community in Mashegu local Government killing 26 worshipers in the mosque while observing their early morning prayers.
The commissioner of police in Niger State confirmed the report but said only nine persons were said to have been killed by the armed bandits.
He said the command has already mobilized its men to track down the assailants with the aim of bringing them to book,

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