***Says She has a date with an investigative panel of auditors

Chairman Board of Trustees, Participation Initiative for Behavioural Changes in Development (PIBCD) Dr. Mohammed Momoh Usman has alerted the general public about a fake news that Executive Director of PIBCID Ms Halima Oiza Sadiq has resigned.

In a statement that was signed by the chairman BOT which was made available to NationalUpdate on Thursday, he said the alleged resignation of Ms Sadiq is a blatant lie against the BOT of PIBCID
Some online media have been awashed with the news that Ms Halima Oiza Sadiq, Executive Director, Participation Initiative for Behavioral Change in Development (PIBCID), has resigned her appointment from the organization.
In some of the publications she was quoted as saying that the resignation is to enable her pursue some personal endeavors as she assured the public that there was no ulterior motive.
However, the chairman said it is not true that she has resigned as the board has not accepted any of such letter.

“It has come to my notice that Ms Halima O Sadiq, the Executive Director of PIBCID Participation Initiative for Behavioural Changes in Development has alleged she has resigned her position.

“We are not quite pleased with the step the Executive Director of PIBCID Ms Halima Sadiq has taken.
“We had setup a committee of inquiry to investigate what was happening in PIBCID as an organization and she was directed to appear before the auditor but all of a sudden she decided to tender her resignation letter which has not been accepted.
“The next action for her is to go to press to announce her resignation which is not going down well with the board.
“The board has now taken further step to suspend her and she would come before the auditor to clear herself.
“The real crises was that she was accused of forging documents and that she maintained an account with ECObank as a single signatory but it is the auditor who can determine the real thing that happened in PIBCID. “We have set up an investigation team of auditors to actually carry out investigation to see who and who are culpable.
“But before then she jumped the gun and tendered a resignation letter which the board did not accept.
According to him she was communicated that the auditor will be available on wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd December 2021.
Quoting from the invitation message he said
“Executive Director is hereby directed to meet with the auditor on these days with the bank statements and all documents used to disbursed funds as well as programs and activities conducted during the period.
“Please ensure that all your Finance Officers and program officers appear with you before the auditor on both days. “The account and records to bring includes, Gserve 2 accounts, LRP accounts, Solidaridad accounts as well as names of signatories to the accounts.

“Please inform your staff accordingly and treat with despatch.”
“Please include PFA accounts as well. Please note that the bank statements are from January to December 2021.”

“She was asked to appear before an independent auditor to answer fraudulent allegations against her, but instead of doing so, she decided to feign her resignation with a purported notice of clearance, which is hereby nullified and of no use.
“She is hereby suspended until she comes forward to clear herself before the auditors.”

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