The Northern Youth Peace and Reconciliation Initiative have thrown their weight behind Prince Adewole Adebayo for president ahead of the 2023 presidential election as they also honored him with an award.

The leaders, of the group Ambassador A. A Lawan Uba and Barr. Isiyaku Danlawan described the presidential hopeful, Prince Adewole as a champion of the youths and an advocate of youths in leadership.
He described Prince Adewole as a young person of the right calibre with  capacity, determination, dedication, with the vision and mission to reform and usher in development in the country.

According to him, his aspiration to be president, Federal Republic of Nigeria has come to them rather as a  pleasant surprise, adjudging  Adewole’s  aspirations as  that which will be unflinchingly supported and massively mobilized for by the Northern Youth Peace and Reconciliation Initiative (NYPARI).

The group promised unflinching support and massive mobilization for his presidential aspiration across the north and beyond, saying the endorsement is unanimous of the entire north as it followed a wide consultation across the north by the Northern Youth Peace and Reconciliation Initiative (NYPARI).

The group expressed confident in the candidature of the non tribalistic Nigerian presidential hopeful of CPP, describing him as a man with strong sense of direction to salvage Nigeria from the shackles of bad leadership by taking charge of the sinking ship called Nigeria to the shores and the warmth of the promise land.

This he said is for prosperous, self dependent, peaceful and saner nation with a strong economy and an empowered and productive people thereby restoring the nation’s pride and position as the true giant of Africa.

”Supporting and mobilizing for Prince Adewole Adebayo as the youth vanguard of his supporters in the 2023 Presidential race is a decision we have unanimously taken in the interest of our dying nation.
“We therefore support the great Otunba to captain this sinking ship called Nigeria to the shores and the warmth of the promise land”.

“Otunba is a true Nigerian devoid of ethnic, regional or religious bias, a quality the country is desperately in need of at this perilous time. “His youthful strength, vigour and enthusiasm will blow a new breath
of life to the country and transform its social, political, economic
trajectory. Says the group.

“we are most confident that the
North and Nigeria, bedevilled with insecurity, poverty and unrest will be rejuvenated and rehabilitated to the extent that peace and prosperity will no longer be abstract but tangible and felt”.
Prince Adewole Adebayo tells the youth told the youth,
“I am not calling you into a campaign but to form a government. the presidential aspirant under the Coalition of Political Parties.”
He maintained, the youth by law is supposed to form the government and it is our right as youth to do so because government in democracy globally is formed by the majority, Nigeria being a country with higher youth population demands of us as  youths to form the government.

The presidential hopeful therefore called on all Nigerian youths to take advantage of the on going  continuous INEC voter’s registration nationwide, dissipate their energy to  register, collect their PVC, vote and ensure their votes count.
He also enjoined the youth to keep educating and creating awarenesses among  other youths on political participation as the time to get right is 2023.

Earlier, High Chief Peter Ameh expressed appreciation to the youth  for playing sensitive role in the quest to birth the Nigeria of everyone’s dream.
Juxtaposing the plethora of decays in the present Nigeria system with other countries, he said the time to get it right is now and that the search for who will fix Nigeria has finally ended as the kind of  personality needed as president to fix Nigeria has been found in Prince Adewole Adebayo.
He therefore called on them to keep up their commitment to the course.

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