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Former senate president and presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic party (PDP) Dr. Bukola Abubakar Ssraki, has indicated that what Nigeria needs at this point in its history is
an energetic, Courageuos and vibrant leader that can fix the country for the betterment of all.

Addressing PDP delegates at the party’s Secretariat in Minna at the weekend, Dr Ssraki noted that no part of the country is safe and secured without one insecurity or the other.
He indicated that Nigerians as people are no longer safe traveling by air, train and by road describing the situation as worrisome.
He maintained that the increasing rate of kidnapping, cattle rustling and other heinous security challenges bedeviling the country under the All Progressive Congress (APC), are now serous threats to the survival of the country as a nation.
He pointed out that the security challenge in the North Central and North west of the is alarming.
“No part of the country is safe. you cannot travel by air, you cannot travel by rail and you cannot even travel by road not to even talk of sleeping in your own house with your two eyes closed.
“So I’m here in Niger State which is a hot bed of the North Central States to request for your votes at the party’s convention so that we can fix our dear country back to the peaceful and secured country that It use to be.
“Bukola Saraki for president 2023 is a collective project of the North Central States, that is my reason for coming to meet you the delegates to seek for your votes at the party’s convention.”

He stated further that with the current situation in the country Nigerians at all levels regardless of tribes and religious inclinations will required that leader that will be Courageous enough to face the reality on ground to sumount and confront the challenges with all sincerity of purpose to put the country on the proper track that would improve the wellbeings and the survival of the people.
“Nigerians have passed through the worse leadership of their lives in the history of the country. And my prayer is that never again should we as a nation ever experienced this unfortunate and sad experience in our democratic history as a country”.
He promised that if he is voted in to office as president come 2023, he will operate all inclusive goverment that every body will make an input that would propel the administration for the betterment of all citizens.
He pointed out that his administration come 2023 will involve the youth, women and critical stakeholders as well as professionals in all works of life that will bring about speedy development to the country.
He pleaded with the Niger State delegates to see reasons to give him their mandate at the convention.
In his good will remarks the former governor of Niger State Dr. Mua’azu Babangida Aliyu described the former senate president as dependable and reliable person that needs to be taken with all seriousness urging the delegates of Niger State to give him their mandate at the party’s primaries.
He explained that Dr. Bukola Ssraki is committed to the Nigeria project as a Chairman of Nigerian governors forum” and myself as chairman of Northern governor’s forum we have work together and his commitment to Nigeria could best be described as Inestimable”

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